Very Important Change to Partner System?

  • 2019.09.05 patch notes | K TERA


    So...does this mean you don't have to level multiple pets anymore since you can simply transfer the skills you need or something? looks pretty good news to me or I am missing something here? :/

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  • I'm pretty sure they mean the auto-loot/auto-gather/bank. . bla bla and not the crafting/fishing boosts etc.. . so it's a good change, but one that should have been there from the start.

  • I will hijack this thread a little and ask you guys how to safely get +40power partner?

    Ive combined 10 Rare Partners promoted them to lvl10 aswell and promoted Superior one with them. Ending up with -1 power than Ive got before with simply feeding Superior one with Green grade lvl1 which ended up at +18 power.

    So even If I promote Superior grade partner with another Superior ones Im not guaranteed getting the max. fellowship...

    Partners are such a stupid scam system and noone should care about it. Ignore this feature and never waste too much money on it.

    9 ouf ot 10 its pay to loose your money and gain absolutely nothing. Upgrading/enchanting your gear is walk in the park compared to this...

    Just get 1st good partner and never bother with it again.

  • I mean i dont hate the pet System... But it would be nice to reduce the RNG from it. like make it to this:

    10 golden rang 10 partners FORCE the system to give you a 40 power partner... enough shit with getting 91 Partners...