Class Changer Request In-Game

  • I don't understand how you can even argue with that, changing class is nothing more than creating a new char without losing progress why should that be even more expensive than a server transfer

    I can argue with that because I have come across some potential difficulties in my envisioning of how class-changing could and would work and that's about it.

    Having read your response, I think we both look differently at the game. According to you, "changing class is nothing more than creating a new char without losing progress [...]". Although that simile is wrong, I get what you're trying to say. But here's where I see things differently: creating a new char with a new class does not result in losing progress - you still keep your progress, just on another char.

    To point 3: you wrote that "[...] your grind is over, you can just play the game for fun [...]." I perceive TERA as a game I mostly play for fun, including its grind, so all I do in TERA is for fun. In my perception, once I've reached everything I want (including 2.0, fully enchanted accessories, HO +3, relics etc.) it's up to me to either quit the game, continue with my fully developed char and class start a new char or class from scratch (which would be the most fun for me), or to change my class in case class-changers will get implemented.

    Once again, do not get me wrong: class changers would be a huge deal and I would happy for you if they actually made them, but I doubt they will be implemented. All I did was to voice my thoughts about that.

  • Sorry, if someone really hates the class he/she plays then he/she would have changed way sooner than reaching (close to) end gear.

    Some people don't initially hate their class but start hating it after BHS decides to screw the class up. I started hating warrior only after the awakening patch for example.

  • It's not about hating the class, it's just that after playing the same class for a few years, I find myself wanting to change a bit, even if it costs me a lot.

    When you say "do like everyone, grind again" you are right but I don't see why it's not possible to add another way of doing it, it won't change your personal gameplay experience if someone trade his reaper for a slayer

    I managed to get lvl 461, full HO+3, full jewelry with Etch4, around 150/180 skill points, but I had much more free time in the past, and now I can only play 2 to 3h top every day. Sure, it's my own personal problem, but having a way to be able to play with my gear and my stats I grinded, just on another class, isn't harming the game or other players experience in any way