• What's wrong with GvG ?

    And +1 for Outlaw in VO Arena zone, but it's unlikely such system is currently implemented in the game by devs (so it's not doable)

  • >people asks TeraTeam about PvP on stream

    >"make forum thread and discuss it there"


    >people agree and like thread, overall, good responce

    >ss class mod deletes whole thread

    Big yes for enabling vo zone as pk with gvg fix and, please, for love of God, stop with that 'censorship'. Communism is not here anymore.

  • "gvg fix" didnt mean civil unrest. most mystel guilds are stuck as pacifist back when you could switch battle readiness so they cant declare or receive gvgs

    and making vo only pk zone has already kinda been done in russia only there they made island of dawn a pk zone

    so it should be very easy to edit areas where pk is possible and where not...

    we even got pk area changes back in lvl 70 patch i think

  • I can tell even if PVE community is bigger than PvP community, there are still atleast 200 players who like Tera PvP and I'm one of them some who are active some who quited cuz of ur decisions like me who still getting disappointing cuz TERA PVP have potential but none rly cared even 50% of what u do for pve, Gameforge should respect these players most of them been playing TERA wasting money time and enjoying the game for atleast 3+ yrs most pvp players I knew in Tera playing since vm3, YOU need to respect their wishes stop ignoring them, stop making individual decisions cuz your staff likes PVE, at some point Tera will lose even its PVE community after some grinding patches.

    " if there was 13 customers 10 of them wanted cappuccino and the other 3 wanted tea will u ban the tea for the other 10 who wants cappuccino " I quote this from other topic and it actually make sense!

  • I personally have to confess that I'm really disappointed with Gameforge. You can just listen to and listen to your pvp players even if it's the small faction. You advertise with this oh so good fighting system. We just want you to fix your shit and give the players the opportunity PK. Build in a few more security zones and everyone is satisfied

  • To be fair, calling the PvP community small and insignificant is about as disconnected from reality and the community as possible. If you have no intent on actually researching what your playerbase does or want, then it's wise to perhaps not let any staff member comment with such ignorance.

    The reason you perceive PvP to be small and insignificant is because you have seemingly fucked up everything worth doing in PvP so hard, people are forced to do PvE or just idle. Dueling isn't balanced, people have to force some kind of etiquette to make duels as fair as possible. Battlegrounds deserve more attention, with either events or rotating old battlegrounds in. Also the pvp events with the ridiculous bonus on upgrading and meagre rewards, is laughable at best. Perhaps make the event a week, increase the bonus to make it worth stacking materials for upgrade and make the 0/5 battlegrounds reward reset daily. It's not that bad to make it slightly easier for people to upgrade their gear, trust me people will not leave because of it, they might gear an alt character or PvE players might actually have a go at PvP.

    Perhaps review the GvG and PK systems in a way that anyone can GvG if they chose to instead of having to aquire a Killian guild to make it happen. We are literally working around all your stupid restrictions to create some PvP content for ourselves. Make it so we can have some places for PK too.

    I'm not an OG player like most and I haven't been around super long, but the gameplay lends itself to PvP so nicely and it breaks my heart to see it wasted away by staff who seem to be so very disconnected. I myself spend 90% of my time on PvP. Being in Velika Outskirts dueling, GvGing or in battlegrounds. I rarely see PvE players, I don't know any PvE guilds and I never come in contact with them. That doesn't mean I'm going to be ignorant enough to assume they don't exist.

    Synchronize recruiting. Yolo.

  • Clearly you don't give a f*ck about the Pvp community. You don't reward pvp at all even 3 star lvl dungeons reward more than any Battleground. You deleted the most played Battleground. You make it possible to decrease your gear level on pvp-gear only.

    And now you delete a Pvp thread. Where people give their feedback to improve their pvp experience and even considerate the PVE-players experience.

    Just be honest and say: Sorry Pvp-players its not beneficial for us to invest time in any pvp related content.

    From what I have seen of all the updates announcement on stream. There is no pvp related topics at all. 80% of the announcement is about new costumes (We all see you just wanna make a profit and don't care about the game)

    Also personal opinion: Your latest dungeons are shit the skill cap is low and gear is everything. The best feature about this game has always been the combat system which shines the most in pvp where you don't learn your dumb damage rotation and the bosses rotation but when you dodge and play around your skills cd's and the opponents.

  • Hi new CM threea ,

    PvP is still alive and suitable amount of people still doing it.

    Those people can teach new comers and can make it even more better. The issue is that Gameforge don't give any attention to the PvP side of the game. Gameforge invest nothing in the PvP part of the game, only idleness.

    If you check the serious PvP events over the past couple of years, you will find that all of them are Players Organised Events, not a Gameforge events:

    - You can find a 1v1 tournament

    - A 3v3 tournament

    - A battle royal between guilds

    - You can also find Discord community activities, like creating a Discord for each battleground and inviting most of the players in order to make the battleground pop.

    - You can find organised fights between guilds

    - You can watch Youtubers and Twitch streamers who are willing to do the effort.

    Yet, in response to all that, Gameforge just do NOTHING.

    You can't just give us a reply like that, this is full of disrespect.


    The main point of a feedback is to solve a problem between client and vendor, not to make it worse like that.

    Many of the players who do PvP quit the game, because Gameforge don't care about the PvP part of it.

    Please, don't lose the rest of your PvP players and don't make them struggle in an endless cycle like this.

    Mystel should be more fun for a while now after the merge, but same cycle will happen to it and it will be another failure like Killian.

    In my opinion, fixing the GvG system in Mystel and adding a PK enabled channel or fixing the Outlaw skill will not change much, but it's a step in the right direction. If the game itself doesn't bother about the PvP part of it, then there is no hope, just remove the PvP completely and let people quit in peace and remember Tera with the good memories.

    Please, give a proper feedback instead of just giving everyone a false hope.



  • Oh things are clearer alright... It seems like GF is trying hard to make every PvP player left in the game leave as well... You don't even fix GvGs for how many months now... Why is the PvP community insignificant to you? There are NO new things regarding PvP for a while now and you seem to just push away even the remaining PvP players... Introduce a Pk system that is even friendly to guys that only wanna PvE by making new pk only channel or outlaw or whatever... if it's like that, just announce that you are making TERA a PvE only game... PvP players are insignificant to you... But we do exist you know...

    "Only a limited amount of people are using the PvP system"
    Reasons that the amount of ppl PvPing has shrunk in the past months:
    1) You broke it and you are not fixing it
    2)There are no real rewards so people cant progress through that decently compared to other things...
    3) Even look at the PvP gear!! With PvE you actually have better chances if you fail to enchant it so there IS progression even if you fail. In PvP gear you have to pray to RNG for months and months and months to enchant it....
    There are people waiting for new things in PvP to come back to the game. You don't understand that PvP is what keeps games alive... PvP and open world activities...

  • Fairly new PvP player here. I was introduced to it through to my bf and we joined PvP focused guild. Best game mode ever!!! It brings new and old players together much better than PvE. In PvP you actually get to know your guild members and other players. Old members teaching happily new ones to improve and get better.

    There is no point not to include old Mystel guilds to GvG, they can always decline it if they do not wish to take part in it. I find it very exciting get together with my guild to hunt down other players. Heck, today we spend all in all over an hour just to get good GvG going with "enemy" guild and we all had a blast. It takes us players away from doing everyday the exact same thing day after day. Makes the game extremely more fun to play.

    I've got to know so many ppl through PvP and made friends. Never did that happen with PvE, where either you have static or you just play with randoms you never talk with again. Rushing through same old content just to get it done as fast as possible.

    Don't ruin the PvP, don't let it die. There are new players coming just like me and many PvE players I'm sure will find it as well if there just would be enough content to do.

  • Honestly i'm starting to think that you guys don't care for pvp cuz with new gear u make less profit.
    How to make ppl interested in queing? u increase the reward.
    So tht mc tht takes a few min to complete doesnt out EXP a 20v20 where u can lose, or gives pretty close to 0 skill advancement points compared to high tier dungeons.

    Instead of motivating ppl by dooing original events , making it worth , trying to add stuff.. you just demotevate everyone to the point where no1 actually cares.

    If you guys don't bother and put 0 effort in it and make it non rewarding af and just same old ofc its unactive
    its like adding 0 new dungeons and expecting ppl to keep on dooing pve for 2y non stop same dungeon.
    ( i didn't read the posts above sorry)

  • Been a PvP player ever since I started playing the game in VM2 WH times, the only intention I have of starting an MMO is the PvP.I honestly have no problem of PvE giving access to PvP gear necessarily because it's been like that for a very long time, except for the VM7 patch if I'm not mistaken where Conflate gear for PvP was absolutely well balanced, that patch felt like the devs put an extra hour of care into giving PvP gear value for the community, but then the most played content by the entire PvP community which was Fraywind, became equalized gear.I think that's the time I actually stopped carrying and was waiting for another MMO which I am playing now, Black Desert.In all honesty, I would come back and grind my way back up if over time I didn't see stuff like Fraywind REMOVED FROM THE FREAKING GAME, like what the hell dudes? If you don't want PvP players to play your game, just remove everything that implies PvP and call it a day, stop torturing people who have hopes.

    I'm pretty sure that I'm not the only person who left the game and is still looking back to TERA hoping that it would give me reasons to play it again.