Can someone explain me the crit cap?

  • Hi guys.. Talking about pve: whats the crit cap? +250? I don't know if i can switch to power zyrks or crit zyrks ... It all depends from the crit cap. I got +280 crit. If it's enough.. can i use power etching on jewelry? (crit ones). Explain to me.. im pretty lost..:wacko:

  • Hello there

    Your provided information is lackluster, we do not know which class you play, which is essential to answering this question, as it is depending to it.
    Basically, every Class has a different value for its "crit cap" because skills work differently with Crit. If you want a "real" crit cap then the value would be at like +1200, only then would any skill start to crit safely

    Edit: im stupid, i should have read the thread you posted it inside :C

    Sorc plays with around +280 crit factor, that being said you end up with something 405 in *Total* , 50 + 280 + 75 from glyphs
    This is not really a Crit cap, its just a ideal sweetspot to be at. If you overshoot it by like 20-30 Crit factor is fine, undershooting is not recommended.

    your aim regarding Crystals and accs should be to use as many Power accs baseline but still reach your desired crit factor

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  • ty so much, i needed to know that! I can "fix" my stats now :thumbsup: