Quest impossible to complete [Boss room is empty]

  • I have lvl58 quest called Labyrinth of Terror: I Sense Something. It says I need to kill Marineu. I have cleared this labyrinth 5 times already, but Marineu is not spawning and I can't kill him. Map shows he is in the room, but the room is emtpty (Screenshot added). I cleared this Labyrinth of terror (SOLO) 5 times already.

    Also, there are 3 or 4 quests to kill other npc, you need to type "/reset" and do it again 4 more times to finish these quests. Example: it says you need to kill one NPC 20 times or something, but there are only 6 NPC to kill there.

    I have done all (SOLO) zone dungeon quests before, I complete quests with 1 run. But this Labyrinth has not enough NPCs to finish all quests with single run without "/reset" and one boss is missing.

    Please fix Labrynth of Terror quests. And add Marineu so I can kill him!

    Or am I missing something? Tried everything, but couldn't find Marineu...;(

  • I just went into LoT(Solo) to check it, and you must've done something wrong.

    So here's what you'll want to do:

    Since you've already progressed through the dungeon completely, I assume you'll know your way around to get to the first Boss, Crimson Arzakaar.

    Kill him and proceed, after a small corridor with some argons you will come across a crossroads with a Caiman standing there [note the position on the map]

    This will trigger Marineu to spawn, just go through the doorway the caiman was standing in front of and head down the flight of stairs.