Hung up my sceptor

  • So I have been struggling for months ' MONTHS' levelling my Mystic with micky mouse spells on long cool downs and today as I ventured for the first time at Level 69 into Sienna Canyon to yet again start the daily grind I just finally had enough.

    As a Mystic I have but one spell of worth. Trust me. It is the Wrath. Sadly on 2 min 30 sec cool down. I do have the bouncy castle [ Doom ] but thats on 10 minute cool down. The rest of what I have is useless. You can chuck as many balls as you like at these Trihorns ... or anything else, hyenas [ laugh ] and unless they come with sticky back plastic they are worthless.

    Usual routine I send out the poor Prot who is useless at anything that flies, runs around, jumps, moves. They just have him for dinner. So a flying dragon is a problem. I then dot with what pittiful spells I have such as curses and contag' and then lock and fire up the Wrath and fingers crossed..... CUS if the dragon moves, flies into the air, bolts and or even moves onto a level ever so slightly at an angle the Wrath will miss the thing or jump somewhere else or even just turn round and look at me gormless. By now the prot is dead and the Wrath may even disengage all together. Its a crap shoot... throw your dice and see what you get.

    And then the Wrath vanishes and I am left trying to kill a dragon with my feather duster ... Smite and Blast. And even now as I pile in trying to kill the thing my mana just bleeds dry. I cannot use my chains without it being bled dry. Even with my everlasting topped up.

    It is not that I can't kill the things. I never die. I can fire up the prot and maybe hold on for the Wrath again. Sometimes he is efficient and does what he is supposed to. Maybe I get lucky.... BUT after millions and millions and millions of XP won from killing every BAM in the game and struggling with Murderwings every day for ages... I now face 40,955,603,542 XP of this nonsense every day. They couldn't even bother to remove the scorpions from the area that are phased out but still tag you in combat... but YOU CAN'T SEE THEM. The process puts me in slow mo... and is a pain.

    Just that I can't face fighting stuff with trash skills that are on massive cool downs with no other spells that will do any damage. The Wrath and the bouncy castle are Tera's answer to Donald Duck. So when the Wrath again vanishes half way through the fight having yet again missed the target cus it went up in the air and then turned and faced and did 'FA' I gave up. I ran from the area and gave up the quest. I shall not return until I am gifted a skill that can actually do SOME DAMAGE in a skillful way. The Mystic is blessed with 'NO' skill based damage attacks. Everything relies on pure luck. The Wrath is a right angle random attacker. And if the mob is not on a flat plane at right angles to him he will miss... every time. Worse is if he senses the mob is not there he will disengage.

    Who designs a LORD spell that relies on a static mob that when you fire it up causes the Prot to disengage and run out of the circle just to be followed by the mob. And I can do nothing cus of the moronic animation.

    Anyway I made it to 69 and that is where it ends. I seriously can't be doing this anymore. The class did use to be quite fun to play. But four levels of this flower picking, warthog chasing, murderwing jumping and now Dracecloth feather duster swatting has finally broken me. The game feels so badly created and tested in terms of the class when trying to do the simple things of fight stuff. I have to always abandon the Hyena quest in Sienna. Did the creators even ever try killing moving mobs with a Thrall that just zonks all over the place and you cannot hold anything long enough to do any damage and you then have to WAIT... the eternal WAITING. Trust me I can kill anything. I never die. But to do any damage I am always waiting and or watching the joke running around of a prot thrall that is useless.

    I am sure that in a dungeon these things work very well when you have a tank holding the target and you are fixed on healing. BUT the mystic is useless to me doing daily quests. I just cannot be bothered anymore with joke skills and long wait times. I cannot waste any more time on this stuff. Its just brainless. So I hung up my sceptor and I am going back to my old game. I may come back if I get an upgraded Smite and Blast and better mana control so I can actually fight once more. Sad but it had to end sometime.. the game is just bonkers to me. I struggled but it finally broke me.

  • Ever heard of Nostrum ?

    Ever heard of using a proper DPS setup ?

    Ever heard of dungeons ?

    Also you dont' have to do the dragons BAM if you cant manage them, you can kill any of the lvl 65+ BAM to farm XP. (and Dailies only require to kill like 10 monsters so no biggy either).

    While I do agree on the leveling 66 => 70 being shit, it's kinda dumb to blame your class like you currently do because you can't manage basic efficency. Clearly the issue is on your end right now.

  • Grinding alone and without any bufffood is inefficient for a myst and needs time. If you really want to become level 70 you should choose better ways (dungeons or grinding with a DD).

    If you do not want to run dungeons, what is the purpose of levelling? What will you do when you reach 70? Maybe you should just stick to stuff you like to do ingame and ignore your level.


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  • Even Nostrum and DPS setups don't have that huge Impact. There is a reason why Lancer and Mystic are slow grinding class. Ofc it is a faster but it's not like you one combo BAMS like IoD or whatever

    Btw since you are level 69 already you can just chill. You dont get any huge benefit from reaching 70 now. The upcoming Floating Island Exodar requires Level 68 to enter and the current dungeon there is for Lvl 69.

    Exodar Provides new Story Quest where you can finish the last %. Also you get better Gear aswell.

    Mystic will get a buff to their mote explosion by double the chance to crit.

    If you don't really like dungeon you can atleast run Catacombs for Huge XP and this dungeon doesn't even requiring healing.

    But since you only want to play solo why are you even rolled Heal in the first place?

  • imagine not using pvp weapon for bams when u r relying on thralls.

    Imagine not using etchings.

    Imagine not nostrum.

    Even imagine not full buffs.

    Imagine grinding wrong bams.

    Imagine going solo bams as healer.

    Imagine not running mc for exp as healer.

    Imagine not finding a dd that accepts you as healer.

    Imagine not seeing class discords.

    Imagine not seeing guides on em

    Imagine coming here and rant about it when you clearly do something/somethings extremely wrong

  • i dont think your way, is a good way

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