Server Name Voting!

  • Which one is your favorite name for the server? 682

    1. Mystel (322) 47%
    2. Killian (316) 46%
    3. Oriyn (44) 6%

    Hello TERA players,

    as announced last week here, there will soon be a server merge between Mystel and Killian and it is now time to vote for the name of the server!


    Please vote your favorite name between Mystel -Killian - Oriyn latest until 19/8/2019 15:00 CEST .

    The name with the majority of votes in the end will be the chosen one!



  • Hello everyone,

    the poll for the name of the server is now cancelled, since unfortunately some users tried to manipulate the results by creating multi accounts in order to vote.

    There will be an internal voting by the TERA team to decide the name of the server, which will be announced later on with the FAQ.

    Kind regards,