Account banned after purchasing with paypal

  • Hello, friday i wanted to top up my thera thalers, i did this with the paypal feature. After purchasing the site gave me a error message and the thalers were not purchased and i still dont know why. Yes i have money on my paypal and yes its still there and yes its more then the amount i bought. So i was kinda bummed but was like ok never mind then...then this weekend there was a 30% discount so i thought you know what let me buy some now, so i go on the site and BAM account is blocked you cant use this feature....i was like dahell is this banned ...blocked..why what did i do. So i made a ticket and have no response on it yet, could someone kindly help me please if yall want that money it there just take it in my paypal. Dont get why it didnt work in the first place!

  • Dear Sundae

    Please try to register and contact our Payment Support here:

    So sorry for the inconvenience 🙏🏽


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