KILLIAN PVE server is this a joke?

  • It doesn't matter if the new server is named PvE or PvP. Nothing will change.

    PvP was damaged heavily from before. By damaged i mean to the point where PvP doesn't even matter for real PvP players anymore. The best player this game had left 6+ months ago.

    I havn't played for 4-5 months, just tried 2 CS games recently and compared to the past the PvP is HORRIBLE.

    At this point the best thing would be to remove all PvP content from TERA.

    It hurts to watch what they did to PvP over time.

  • I havn't played for 4-5 months, just tried 2 CS games recently and compared to the past the PvP is HORRIBLE.

    Im sorry for your bad experiences in cs. Honestly, cs is not a source of 'pvp'. Skyring and Outlaw is - in organized fights, 1v1s,even being 1v5. You gain most knowledge about your and other classes. In time those 'op pvpers' earned that state because of it, not by corsair or fwc/sh.

  • Sorry but CS was the best source of real PvP, simply because of the equal gear.

    You can do 1v1 in CS too, or 1v5 and ignore the objectives.

    In CU and Skyring you go and oneshot the low geared people, or you get oneshotted if you have bad gear.

    How is this proper PvP for you?

    Equal gear for everyone = real PvP

    The most skilled person wins and not the one that has the better gear.

  • SoloQ of Skyring is eq.

    And its kinda bizarre saying cs is pure pvp where one side want to sneak in and destroy anchorstone and other is actual able to 'kill' while leaving some people on ladders/tanks.

  • You can do 1v1 in CS too, or 1v5 and ignore the objectives.

    And that's the way to loose in CS. CS is objective based.

    And even though Shorehold has its own objectives it is more centered on actual PvP.

  • Shorehold is more pvp then fw ever was since they revamped the point system in fw from caps to kill. The Sad thing is, that shorehold was released in a time, were all classes deal insane dmg. Imagine how cool it could be with Tera Balance in 2012-2014.

    PVP is not only direct battle of players. Pvp has to do with brain. Shorehold requires a high mobility of everyone so you nearly never fight 1vs7. Mostly you fight in small numbers and skilled players can really carry matches. In fraywind it was never like that since point system revamp. Fraywind was everytime a overpowered zerc rolling accross some randoms and farming kills in 15 vs 5. No skill required.

    They took of completly the brain in FW and supported the brain and skillless p2w retards with killhunt.

  • Well, guys, this game has started to die with the +15 system, when the grind started to be more insane. I really miss the cs/fc evening, even if I were not that good with it. The real problem of this game is that enchant started to be a frustration, and Bluehole is damn lazy! Channelwork dungeon over and over, and they were not even able to create a new expansion for level 70! What is this system that you have to level up with the same content? Why you have to upgrade the old equip over and over, that cost diamonds/emerald/time/failure/frustration?

    For me, Elin are not even enough for keep me in game. Not anymore. I will log in only for dont have deleted all my charachters after the merge, and say /hi to some old friends that went on Mystel or stayed on Fraya even when was a dead server.

  • Simple solution,rollback to 2013.Delete every sh!t classes.Make everything same what we have in 2013.Make it permanent.Change the shop rng system.

    Fw and Skyring is more than enough for this game.No need cs or kumas or tank war.

    Add alliance system with only 2 side.Not 3.Eithout commander buffs for sure.

    Make a guard zone and unguard zone for pk in open world.

    Make resources reachable.If anyone wants to solo LOT for mwa let them to do it.

    Get back the charms,panaceaes.

    Remove latest enchanting materialsz(its annoying af and yeah its rng)

    I dont care if u keep the latest dungeons.They can stay but they have to give only mwas and master enigmatic scrolls or quills.

    If u can do these things tera will absolutely rise at least 3x times.People just dont trust this company.If they can do enough pressure to BHS (i dont believe that they are sending feedbacks or they are taking our feedbacks serious) we will get what we need.

    It doesnt solve anything when someone from gf says "we sent the feedbacks".Words doesnt solve anything we need actions.

    Its like im abusing a bug and getting warning from u and saying "ok i will not do it" then im still continue to do same sh!t.

  • I didnt even play there... i started at the end of 2017... But this sounds wonderfull

  • Cs was never a real option for hardcore pvpers , Its for new ppl who need "train" and practice his current class, you have an objective and even if u know what to do and follow the objective, half of your raid doesnt. Since release CS was like this, with low lvls queing and now with "new ppl" playing it.

    So basically if you want find ppl who actually are a thing, CS is not a real option, There's bg's like solo 3s, Team 3s and shore hold but this bg's are not really popular cause ppl got expose about their reall level or cause ppl queing those bg's are flamers

  • Probably the only solution about BGs being inactive would be to add fw back since too many players refuse to que sh for many different reasons... At least people in fw have fun pvping even with the revamped system where you only have to follow the wave without thinking too much...
    But re-activating fw prolly wouldn't be enough if rewards don't change and people don't get anything from it...
    Missing so badly old fw with 100x mwa and diamonds... That was a good moment at least in terms of rewarding pvp...

    Cs is a BG for beginners and it will remain like that. Thinking the opposite is just fooling yourself, i'm sorry.

    About PK , i don't see any reason why not activating it in vo, at least for people who wanna zerg each others around... Even tho i actually like it as a safe area, so i could slack in vo if i want without having an autistic mystic spamming kds and nyas on me like it's 2k15 or something for literally 1 hour, prolly not understanding what holy burst does.

  • Beating the dead horse by now is putting it lightly, more like beating a skeleton of a horse. Be it this patch, or the next, or the one after, it will never be the same and neither the developer/publisher/player base/an act of God, nothing will change the way it is.

    Take for example Metin2, private servers are booming with players, reaching over 5 to 6k players on a daily basis and those are active players, meanwhile official servers let's just say they are far from those numbers, to the point that I can safely assume 90% of the Metin2 players, don't play in actual official sites but on private servers. As advertisement, on the official page on Metin2 'Play along milions of Metin2 players from around the world', true, the numbers of players are that high but not on official servers.

    Just like Tera, the decisions made for that game, milked it as far as possible and it still does, running the playerbase into the ground, even alleged rumours of what seems like a lifetime ago of Game Masters and above, usually males, starting relatioships in-game with women spoiling them with gifts and other stuff.

    I insulted a player in-game that was actually a Game Master *they cannot have alts and play as regular players do, yet he did, always the best gear his friends and girlfriend also* that was accused and later removed from staff for favors and misbehaviour, I was banned like 50 second after I called him a C word among others.

    Private servers are not perfect and yet more successful than the original, the staff actually cares about the playerbase, events are daily, pvp/pve and a lot of modding goes into them, stuff you can't find on the official server, you can have fun, enjoy the time played, won't suck you dry in order to achieve progression.

    Tera has the same problem, you flee from Gameforge(Europe) to Enmasse(America), from the frying pan into the fire and viceversa, and because of the lack of the private servers, people that actually like this game are now stuck in this, endless rants, nothing will ever be achieved.

    IF you had alternatives to Tera, viable alternatives, you would not be here, now, today to read this.

  • I was never talking about the objectives in BG's. Read my posts again.

    CS is the best because it has equal gear. You cant go solo Skyring and expect a 1v1...

    In CS you can do all sort of PvP, 1v1, 1v2, 1vMass

    Seems to me like you are the ones that like overgearing yourself and killing people with few hits.

    Thats why you try acting like other BGs are better for PvP.

  • You was talking about How bg's are right now saying they are horrible compared to the past, if you are looking a 1v1, 1v2, 1vMass probably this is not your game, cause bg's are designed to be fighted in mass and following their main objectives for win.
    Of course bg's are horrible right now cause ppl doesn't know how they works, and they keep wondering why they lose.

    And yeah im geared enought to have an advantage , same you can do doing pve and that's the fun about Bg's like shore or cs , gear doesnt matter at all cause i can get 10-15kills in a game but i will stay losing if u dosnt know or dont care how the bg works.
    Gears make a difference but if u doesnt know how ur class work , u will lose againts a guardian gear player and you seems to me like one of them.

  • Funny how pvp community (if they are much) wants pvp server. Despite the fact that they are few, pk and "gvg" are only things effected, it's logical you see at both player Base compare. If pvp server is nearly as same population as pve or difference is not that big. A poll will be a good idea. But when you have so little on a server compared to the other. It's only reasonable and logical to pick the majority over minority. Here case pve >>>>>>>>>pvp in terms of population. *but but the devs killed the pvp. Why not ask them why they did so and keep pvp so that they fix pvp* that is irrelevant and not a valid argument or subject of matter because simply. You blaming bh devs about pvp problems and use that as a argument why should new server be pvp. Can you at least read what you said and see how out of subject that is ?.

    Okay so about pvp. It is pointed by nearly everyone. Keep the pve areas of mystel server BUT. Make vo (pvp) and allow gvg. That way you make everyone happy. And also your argument of (killing same 500 bams boring) yes I know it's boring. But I am doing it for a reason. And how annoying will it be if I was farming and then some pvp guy came into me and killed me mid farming season because *they can*. It's a pve area and that's a fact. You can't go there and kill everyone cause you can. That's just ape level of behaviour. But sadly there is some. So you need to make it obsolete. And vo is the most common place that you meet pvp players that are willing to pvp and ready to take you on

  • *but but the devs killed the pvp. Why not ask them why they did so and keep pvp so that they fix pvp* that is irrelevant and not a valid argument or subject of matter because simply. You blaming bh devs about pvp problems and use that as a argument why should new server be pvp.

    Who said that we are blaiming devs here? We don't need anything from developers while gameforge can do some simple stuff as adding more rewards for battlegrounds, or adding fwc back, or just making one zone pvp. And its true that devs killed pvp. Few months ago sh was popping almost everyday. Why? Bcs everyone was farming for mats. Now shore hold is popping few times in a week, bcs most of ppl already got full +9 from event. They could just increase amount of plates that we get from it. After they added new jewelry some of pvp players also went doing pve, bcs you cannot get them in any other way. Again. Bluehole isn't needed here. Gameforge could just add new mats to bellicarium credit shop.

    And last thing. Why we want new server to be pvp? Bcs we dont want to lose something again. Pve content is increasing while pvp is getting smaller :fie: