Naslow's Treasure Map

  • Hey guys

    I had a look around to see if there was a current thread asking this and couldn't see any, so apologies if this has been asked recently.

    I had the left piece of the map drop in a dungeon the other night and I have no idea what to do with it. I see people "buying" or wanting to buy pieces but how does it work? I understand there are two pieces and then a group is formed to get loot (assuming it's loot!) but how do people sell them? they can't be traded?

    I don't really want to waste the piece if someone really needs it and i'm guessing at 65 and ilevel 441 i'm too low for whatever dungeon or instance comes from joining the map pieces, but if I can I would like to get some money from it.

    Can anyone explain to me in laymans terms/noob friendly talk what I can do with the piece I have? I see a time limit on use so... yeah, I have like 9 days left or something.

    Many thanks,

    Resin :thumbsup:

    p.s. I asked in general chat in game and just got told about people joining guilds and putting in a guild bank and stuff? not sure if this is accurate though.

  • Sell the map to the map hunters.

    Left side is highly demanded and you can go with 100-140k+ gold on it (on Mystel). To trade it you need to join buyers guild put it to their guildbank and leave guild afterwards.

  • Oh so I give the map to an alt and then join the buyers guild and just drop it in their bank? cuz obviously I don't want to leave my guild and that takes 24hrs to sort out joining another xD if anyone needs the left side let me know in game i'd gladly sell it to you.