• 25.06.2019 - 30.06.2019

    .. meaning ?

    - map pieces dont drop anymore ? or

    - cant be combined anymore ? or both

    What about those pcs that expire in mentioned above period ? :pump:

    Why is it disabled !? Why not announced ?

    Just a note in calendar..c'mon ...

  • they even say
    "we'll release an official update on this during the day"

    please learn to read, then come here to cry

    "The use of Treasure Maps is temporarily disabled. You can still gather left & right halves, but cannot use them to summon a treasure currently.

    We'll update you once more details are available - this situation should be able to get resolved in a couple of days at max."

    probably some exploit got found or they saw people get to many diamond out of it
    so they need nerf/disable it :elin4:

    OwO what is this... :'3

  • oh as if i cried to you need to be salty dude

    didnt see it and asked....what is your problem ?

    u think i kidnapped some precious time from busy ppl at GF to read/answer this ?

    thx anyway and have a nice life salty boy

    thread close pls