Mystic Damage Rotation

  • Hi

    I am now closing in on Level 68 and struggle still dreadfully with attack rotations. Its not that I can't kill stuff, its just that I have to wait for the Wrath or the Lord to do any damage.

    If any Mystic is happy to disclose their secrets on how to take down multiple mobs at speed I would really appreciate it.

    I have particular problems with say Hyenas and Butterflies and any mobs that move around a lot. The butterflies are a problem cus the Wrath will lose the mobs as soon as they fly up into the air and just stand there looking at me. And Hyenas there is nothing I can do to cluster them so any of my big hitters do nothing. Also with the Basilikas the Wrath will at times just wander off and go for a glide up the zone.

    So this is what I am having to do. I use the pots to try and stop mana bleed. But am unable to use any of the Auras as when I use Smite and Blast the mana just runs down the plughole.

    I dot the mobs with curses and contagion which I think is just habit forming as it appears to do little damage. I then send in the Wrath. Fingers crossed he does his job cus if anything is left running about I cannot do any damage with Smite and Blast. Its no point chucking balls at them cus you don't get that luxury. My protection thrall lasts all of ten seconds in any battle and then I'm just having to keep myself alive till I can get him back up.

    The Lord is on 8 minutes and the bouncy castle as I call him really needs a good tank to hold mobs cus they just run out of the circle. Its often just a waste of time. I have no way it seems of holding the mobs. I can do the rocks generally cus they are slow.

    I did start training the boomerang but that is a waste of time and gold. It kinda does some damage but not very much.

    I see plenty of players at my level, including Mystics rounding up mobs and killing them all. For me I get two or three basilikas together and launch the Wrath and he does such a random attack sequence chances are at least one of the mobs runs out and then I'm stuffed cus I can't kill anything with Smite and Blast cus the mana just drains out. The Thrall of Protection is only good for a few seconds and he has the habit of running the mob off into another.

    I would love to be able to take on several mobs and hold them and deal some heavy damage. I have stood there chucking balls at mobs but sadly it just doesn't do anything other than raise the mob to attack me.

    I basically only have four attack spells. Arunic which I still can't get any damage from. Lord on an 8 minute. Wrath on 1.20 minutes and then my Boomerang/Smite/Blast which I lump together as they pretty much do nothing. I need to hold the mobs and then hit them hard. I just run around and around and around the hyenas and then turn and Wrath and rinse and repeat.

    Have I missed a spell or is there anyway to have shorter cast times for the Lord and Wrath. I have the wrath glyphed out. There is no training for these skills that I can implement by the look of it.

    LIke I say at the moment I am forced to just sit out killing stuff till the Wrath is available. I then pull as many as I feel comfortable with and then run round them till the wrath has done its job. The bouncy castle can be used on only static mobs. Or where I am comfortable a cluster may hold. Still painfully slow though. And the butterflies are impossible. The Wrath is definitely attracted to mobs on the horizontal. I have noticed when a mob goes up a sharpish incline he will often miss completely or ignore the mob totally. None of these skills are actual skills as they rely on luck for the most part. I have little if no control over the thralls or the mobs so I just keep my fingers crossed. Its just a shame that my Smite and Blast don't work anymore.

    Sorry for the long post. I cannot find anything really on the internet or YouTube for Mystic showing actual rotations in the field. I know what the stuff does from target dummies. I need a video of someone using and explaining their rotations 65 to 70. Preferably killing hyenas or Murderwings.

    Many thanks. I am still bleeding mana but not using Auras is the only way to stop it I found. I just use the Everful Nostrum and don't use Blast and Smite so much. Old habits.

  • Mystic is by far one of the weaker classes to level up.

    What you can do to improve your situation:

    - Add dual stat to your weapon. Roll double cdr (because wraith will roughly be 6min then) and what ever dmg stats make the most sense to you.

    - use DPS cristalls

    - use mana pots if u dont have a servant or be smart and use your skills to stay alive with mana

    - change glyphs (put glyphs for thrall auf wraith and for casting speed of the bubbles and let them explode)

    - use dmg talents (there is a talent that will greatly increase your thrall of wraith dmg & some for your overall power

    - use mana underwear

    - unlock the lvl 69 boomerang dmg option (50% increased dmg)

    - use the talent for corruption ring (when casting corruption ring when u have 100% hp u will refresh a lot more mana)

    - get a servant with the mana skill since it literally procs all 5seconds

    - just use crit and awak aura

    Btw best dmg rotation for mystic doing daily content is probably (example Moth):

    - kite all 12 moth together by using volley of curses

    - put ur stun

    - if king blob is on cd->

    - spawn your thralls + place bubbles underneath the moth (thrall of wraith will have the aggro) let bubbles explode

    - once tow got killed just run in circles around the moth to avoid the golden freeze

    ->Drop mana and hp bubble and let it explode (will refill some of your mana and deal a lot of dmg)

    Even on lvl 70 with stated aspects a mystic is very weak when it comes to solo content so just get used to it and try to make the best out of it.

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  • Hi and thanks for the reply. Quite a bit there for me to consider.

    The problem for me is the kill cycle is just so slow. Basically cus I am waiting on my big hitters to do some damage. With just one mob and 1.20 minute cooldown I can take down a butterfly in seconds. If I try more than one mob I have a high chance of missing one and then I am just running round and round and round till the wrath is back up. Worse when mobs just scatter like the hyenas. They are the worst. Easiest are the trees and the rock things... and I kinda don't mind basilikas. But butterflies.... man are they annoying. They will fly up and the wrath cannot see them and will just stop doing anything.

    I actually loved my smite and blast till Apex/Awakening as they are skill based attacks. They target and let me control the attack what with jaunt and clever use of the prot thrall. The stuff I have now is not skill based as it relies on the things I have doing their job and that isns't in my control.

    I was thinking about stun. But with so many other things going on with say butterflies its difficult to mix. But I'll try today.

    Thanks for that. Just wish the XP bar would move a little faster.