Adventure Coins changes

  • Dear players,

    We'd like to thank you for the detailed feedback you shared with us the last weeks. Our team here at Gameforge has been informed about it and has been deeply looking into the mentioned issues in order to find solutions.

    One of the main issues, you pointed out was the Coin system, and your requests and suggestions about this topic were not ignored - we pushed this topic very often, and after another round of discussions with the developer to find solutions, we are glad to announce that starting today, the Adventure Coin cost for higher end dungeons will be reduced permanently by 15%.

    Moreover, upcoming Patch 83 dungeons have also been adjusted accordingly.

    The changes will apply as shown below for the current patch:

    Dungeon Current Cost Changed Cost
    Gossamer Vault (Hard) 435 370
    Bahaar’s Sanctum 345 295
    Gossamer Vault 290 245

    Please note that a temporary "event icon" will be displayed in-game due to these changes, and will however be fixed on June 18th.

    We hope you will enjoy these changes and we encourage you to keep sharing your constructive feedback and suggestion with us!

    Of course, other topics you mentioned are not forgotten, and are still in discussion! As usual, as soon as we will have new information we will share them with you!

    Thank you everyone for your patience and we we wish you a great time on TERA Europe.

    Your TERA team.

    Former Product Community Manager