Can't find where to buy character transfer vouchers

  • I know I'm probably being very dumb, but I'm trying to transfer my character from Killian to Mystel, and it say I need a voucher to complete, however I cannot find where to buy these vouchers?

    Anyone able to help?

  • Athena



    @TeraTeam :D

    "Dear players,

    We'd like to let you know that servers transfers vouchers are currently not available. We will keep you informed as soon as they will be back!

    Thank you for your patience and understanding.

    The TERA Team"

    My patience and understanding is crying :)) Any news about transfer voucher .. ? I am stuck on an almost ded server :<

    If you dont provide any info about an incoming server merge or stuff like these, at least make available again the non tradeable transfer voucher . Is kinda stoopid to keep players stuck on dead servers, giving them no other option but to abandon game..

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    This "servers transfers vouchers are currently not available" has a reason behind or ahead it.

    Why dont you guys JUST TELL US WHY they are not available ? We all can see they are not, BUT WHY?

    Will they ever be again ? Will there be a server merge ? What should those who want to transfer to another server do ? Start from scratch on desired server (as if there are anyway options for server..Mystel) , keep struggling on dead server like Killian or just .. give up ?

    You just dont give a ... "coin" for the remaining players that still want to play.

  • The reasons is a bug about the Pets, after you change the Server the lost there Skills and you cant learn it again.

  • If that is "the only reason" least we can get a word ..will be fixed soon...or dont get high hopes abt fix...or..anything :o but this silence is absoduckinglutely amazing :>

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  • The amount of players who are still willing to pay the voucher instead of waiting for the merge is mindblowing...U guys are the reason why the merge hasn't happened yet.

    Is not the will to pay exactly, is the will to know what future holds for this game .

    They can poop ANY info : we will do that, we wont do that, we intend this ..

    I guess ppl want to know WHAT they're waiting for and if is worth ...