• I'm not into PvP much but from a guild mate I heard "you" nearly kick anyone below PvP Gear +6.

    When I was playing SH during the 1st season it wasn't like that back then even alts were welcome but now you are forced to have this gear by the remaining pvp players that still play pvp actively. Honestly they should make SH to use equalized gear so more people would queue for a change, instead of the same known mod abusers over and over. No wonder SH pops less than CS when SH requires less players than CS.

  • Sorry but i cant stop

    myself now.I read everything in this post and these not asking more reward for dungeons instead they are asking to nerf pvp.These people always same never changed.They dont interested pvp but they are qqing for it.Pvers and pvpers have to support each other cause the current situation of the game not enough for both population.I never understand why these tards are aleays qqing about pvp.They are grinding like an whole day,they are not queing for bgs and still they are qqing like wtf ?

    Also they dont have a clue about how hard to make single +9 pvp gear.Also there is risk to loose any bg because of these mindless pvers.

    Maybe they are queing for cs once a day and they are getting rekt there and qqing for it.I dont see any valid reason if i make empathy.

    Killing same boss over and over with same mechanics and clearing dungeons getting ton of sellable materials,amplifiers,rare items blabla.Comparing these loot fest with pvp rewards is hilarious.

    Still pvpers must do pve because of materials for accessories and with the last patch its a "must".

    1 violet plate costs 1 cs win.Which means at least 10-13 min if u win.

    Why u are not qqing about cost of dungeons?

    pvers were always like

    2013:Nerf pvp rewards they are getting mes mwa from there!

    2014 : nerf pvp rewards cause they are getting everything from the bg shops.

    I dont know what happened beetween 2015-2018 cause i left.

    And now its 2019 and people are still trying to make pvp more worst.

    I hope gameforge and bhs decide to make 1000 points for each dungeon.Hope they push to buy more thalers for your pve fest.

    *post edited and user warned for spam by ~Zancara

  • Here it come the butthurted pvp player. :elin1:

    Even your word useage tell everything about you.

    Noone of the pve players wrote post about pvp players like you did with this one.

    This is one of the major different between pve and pvp players.

    Trash/retarded/etc. tipical pvp player. Get some manners before you open your mouth.

    As Cyberion said you mighty pvpers kicking the players from the bg if you dont like it. And you wonder why the state of pvp became like this.

  • Im not queing for shorehold.Queing for cs currently until i get a good gear.As u pvers,people dont wanna play with shit gear people right ? So pvpers doing same thing.Can u bring low ilvl for bahaar ? No.If u use instance matching you pvers doing same thing.Kicking people who dont have a clue about the dungeon or low geared.

    You cant blame anyone for kicking you in shorehold.Go make +6 gear,learn some pvp,Make your accessories pumped then start queing for shorehold.

    Nobody have to play with noobs in pve or pvp.

    Go back to your endless grinding cave.Making +3 heroic set doesnt make you best player.Pvp is different.U need skills.You guys butthurt because u cant kill people like u kill the bosses.Same mechanics,same bosses...In pvp u have to react fast,and need to know what u have to do.Kappa ?

    Edit : All the sh!t ideas comes from pvers for pvp players.(not talking about all but most of u offering some bad things for pvp players).

    Its like i dont have a clue about bahaar and im qqing about its rewards.And saying "decrease the bahaar rewards and increase the entry cost,its too much".

    What u doing is same thing.

  • this make no sense whatsoever

    the solution ot the bad pve system right now is to actually change it for the better, not gut the Pvp side aswell(especially taking into account pvp play is actually more micromanaged than pve right now)

    Pvp has its own issues to manage:

    yeah sure its free to enter, but not only do you have a much morel imited playerbase to do it with but you also face the really unbalanced rewards looking at the possible outcomes.

    if you lose a BG, you basically get nothing for the same time invested, and considering that they reward teamplay, premades are a thing.Premades and limited player base lead ot win trading, wintrading makes the leaderboards for pvp an utter joke.(almost if not as bad as the pve leaderboards)

    and that's not ot even start with the jackpot hours bascially limiting how often you cna pop on them, followed by ppl kicking players off groups on no base other than " we dont like you"

  • i'd actually be down or this, provided the player mentality shifts to not kick on sight, and thep layers queing actually try their damnest ot win

  • As u pvers,people dont wanna play with shit gear people right ? So pvpers doing same thing.Can u bring low ilvl for bahaar ? No.If u use instance matching you pvers doing same thing.Kicking people who dont have a clue about the dungeon or low geared.

    PvE instance matchmaking has a gear score minimum. In my case the only kicks before fighting the first boss are either the player is not joining or the rest of my group wanted to get matched with someone specific from another server, so they kicked the other player without saying something which I could not agree with. At the endboss I also was in a group where we kicked a player who has not done GLSHM before after we already wiped 3 or 4 times. We were blessed with another player who was not really used to Kylos at that time but at least he did not die that often and we could clear the instance after another wipe.

    Killing same boss over and over with same mechanics and clearing dungeons getting sh!t ton of sellable materials,amplifiers,rare items blabla.Comparing these loot fest with pvp rewards is hilarious.

    If we would even get loads of sellable items at all. All enchanting materials can't be sold, some are not even bankable. This is also the case for amplifiers and masks. The only tradable stuff is usually a single diamond and legends tell about gear boxes which i have never seen as drop since gear revamp.

    The enchanting materials that are sold at trade broker come from Tera shop via divine support boxes.

    Pvp is different.U need skills.

    So why do some PvP players kick others that HAVE PvP and accessories and gear (enchanted but not +6 or higher) if you need skill, which you can't really see with inspecting the character.

    As Cannon already said you could queue SH when it was released but a few weeks later undergeared players risked being kicked before they could even show that they have skill.

    Edit : All the sh!t ideas comes from pvers for pvp players.

    This thread was started by someone I see as a troll but you think he meant it for real and you are insulting PvE players in general.

  • Said most of them for pve player already.I started to play in 2013.Since 2013 pvers always backstabbing pvpers.This topic is troll or not,im seeing many braindead people who supports this idea.Pve players (again,most of them) mind is working for only profit.Who to sell ? pvp players for sure.Thats why they did high pressure for mwa issue and mes issue back in the time.

    Still ur rewards are sellable.1 diamond is more than enough.Also u guys getting what u need for pvp too.but pvp players have to do pve because of these drops.Also we have to win for rewards.

    We dont have a chance to bring our people in to 1 group.Cause we cant que together.

    Anyway i could tell

    many things here but u will get it as an insult.

  • Okay lets make a deal, cause since pvp was bullied from BHS in full Tera history and now the PVE freaks start to cry about a content they dont play. Hahahahahah.

    This is my deal: PvP can cost coins, when PVE gear can downgrade and dont add 2% of success rate per try. Just the usual 10% success rate of pvp gear. Every try, no increase and a downgrade allmost every fail?

    Do we have a Deal?

    Okay i take it ... but in the same time pls

    Let us start with SC + 5 (so we need to upgrade 9 times just like PvP). We only need a small amout of plates Plates (around 30 ish) + 2k Gold too per attempt. In the same time PvP should make Bufffood and other consumable aviable too (since PvE player need to do this to be relevant. Also BG should only have max 80 entry limit per week ( I mean dungeon have 80 entry limit with TC. In the same time remove Battleground Jackpot and make them only aviable for a weekend per month. Also in the same time PvP Players need to grind Particle and then CRAFT THEM to Plates. And don't forget to add Ilvl for BG quest too its unfair that PvP get rewards even with +0 Gear.

    Jokes aside

    But instead of bashing each other maybe PvP aswell as PvE player should work together for some changes.

    BTW BHS only added PvP Gear to make PvP somewhat relevant and to tell people look we have PvP Content wile 99,99% of the game is PvE focsed.

    If you really want a healthy PvP and PvE Community they only need to add a system like Visionmaker 1 where both player bases nned to do PvP and PvE for BiS. BTW during VM1 we didnt need "Jackpot" Events to open some BG. You could queue FWC even in the night withing 2 Minutes. But some PvE aswell PvP babies cried for a change because they dont want to be forced to do something. 7 Years later you see what happened.

    Killian will be shutdown soon. Atleast PvP is dead once for all

  • weeeeell then per GLSHM you will get 3 amplifiers ll , 2 diamonds and all extreme rare loot , each item per partymember :)

    your sentence is going beyond 200iq

    And well the amplifiers cannot be for the same kind of item...

    What kind of GLSHM do you run? I want to run that dungeon as well cause the one available in my server doesn't have that loot

    becouse it's almost imposible to reach +9 hahahahahahah

    You posted literally on the previous page of this thread the screenshot of your gear where you have 2 +9 pieces?????? Decide dude

  • Look at all those pve nerds crying about pvp XDD. Then go do some pvp so you get those rewards too. What's the fun anyway to fight 24/7 some bots in dungeons???