Matchmaking System Rework

  • Since i didn't receive a clear answer about this matter let's try again here...
    Patch 82 coming out in few days is popori brawler, which is a patch that came out in Korea after the rework of the matchmaking system (system grabbing players not randomly but about their rating basically)

    Why we didn't receive any news about this even if the fix should be inside those patches GF is releasing together inside the patch 82? I doubt you skipped that, probably u didn't notice about this fix and you forgot to mention it on the patch note? Because as far as i know you're taking patches from korea on packages and u release them together in a bigger one which is understandable... It's fine, we know you don't care much about pvp but at least give proper news about this topic since it's an important fix many players were waiting for long time.

  • Hello, news about this? I mean, the matchmaking system rework should have been released with this patch... If GF decided to delay the release due to bugs from Korea (i saw matchmaking system had to be fixed because low rating players were not getting matched) at least u should tell us something about it considering it should have been released already... Can u tell us something about this Athena ??

  • You barely find any parties and now you want rating based Matchmaking? Do you really want way longer to find BG parties ... if even one ever pops up? This system comes 6 Years too late.

  • Not entirely sure if this would be a good change, it could work for the good or it could destroy the randomness of matching and be even worse (yes, that's possible). I've got mixed feelings about it.

    Anyways to stay on topic, the closest to an official answer we've got so far can be checked at around 02:14:40.

    Which is something along the lines of, it most probably has been deleted for regions other than Korea since it gave trouble there.

    We'd appreciate official confirmation if it has been deleted though.

  • On Korea the matchmaking system is already fixed and it's something that can ONLY improve the situation considering way too many ppl abuse the system by sync-queuing with friends and guildies... Basically teambuilding to have them in their team and have a higher chance to win.

    This is not something that will change the waiting time to pop inside BGs, it's just a fix to avoid sync-que and teambuilding...
    The waiting time is prolly gonna be increased for few seconds because the system has to check only how to split people between the 2 teams considering their rating.

    We need this, badly, since much time.