How this game goes for a roleplayer?

  • Hello everyone. I m kinda veteran rpg and mmos player, i ve played a lot gw2, wow, ffxiv and others. ALL this games i was a roleplayer, i like explore The maps, understand The lore, have Fun in some dungeons and pvp, collect itens and achievments etc etc... So, How this game will work for me ? I Will have places to explore and endgame lore to see ? Pvp and pve content are Just for hardcore players ? I will be tankfull If someone can explain me what Tera is all about in general aspects. Tanks guys. GL Hf VidMate Mobdro

  • tera doesn't care about its lore for a long time now, lvling is too fast to explore the map and achievements are most of the time kill x hundred times, if you look for a good rpg i think tera is not your game

  • I, personally, liked the story and connections of the characters and storylines in this game. I also have a friend who only explores and does quests and he is quite happy with the game and how he plays it. Most people in dungeons want to rush to level up fast and do not really care about the story.

    So if you just want to explore the world and the story I would (do I really say this?) recommend this game for you. PvP is not really a thing in this game. There are a few battlegrounds but nothing a person that is focussed on PVP would become happy with.

    In conclusion, it might be that this game is what you are searching for. You could try it.


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