loss of the skills of the companion

  • hello, more than 15 days ago that when using the server transfer I lost all the skills of my companions, it is already known when this problem is going to be solved ?? according to the support you already know about this error, but the time passes and I continue unable to use my companions

    me voy de aqui todos estan LOCOS ¡arre unicornio!

  • después de 2 mantenimientos y 1 parche, continúo con el compañero sin habilidades y sin almacenamiento, por lo difícil que sería darme otra mascota igual, o la misión con las 8 esencias legazy?

    me voy de aqui todos estan LOCOS ¡arre unicornio!

  • Hello Pebbels,

    sadly I think that you should wait a little bit longer, that's the reason why they disabled the server transfers as they said in the last streaming...

    I hope that you could recover the skills of your pets soon!!