Event: Fraya reduces your entry cost!

  • Heroes of Arborea, be prepared to fight at a reduced cost! Starting today, friday 24th of May (17:00), and until tuesday, 28th of May (9:00), get the opportunity to clear even more of the following dungeons than usual!

    Event overview:

    During the event, get a reduced cost of coins to enter the following dungeons:

    Dungeon Regular Coins Event Coins
    Velik's Sanctuary (Hard) 125 100
    Ruinous Manor (Hard) 125 100
    RK-9 Kennel (Hard) 145 110
    Antaroth's Abyss (Hard) 145 110
    Grotto of Lost Souls (Hard) 190 120
    Bahaar's Sanctum 345 220
    Parquina NM 290 180

    Have Fun!

    The TERA team

    Former Product Community Manager