Feedback on recent Events

  • Since people mostly give feedback when they are upset about something and barely when they actually enjoyed a certain Event i thought i would just write down what i really liked the past few weeks and also suggest a few things.

    So first of all Guardian Legion Events. I really thought its a great way to get some extra XP and i strongly recommend doing this on a weekly basis. I would suggest to combine it with the Astral Gift Event that runs during the weekends. Let people farm some extra XP every Saturday+Sunday when most people have time for it.


    Still the same for ages but why change something that works. I have no negativ things to say about this Event. People that want Lamb etc can just farm them and you can also make a few Gold if you just want to sell your items.

    Bamarama is also a very fun Event and i saw hundreds of people play it. The addition of a "Winning Ticket" is also a nice little bonus and i think having this Ticket is a great way to make Bamarama even more enjoyable. Just put one or two items in that Ticket Store to reward people who win/play alot and keep the prices pretty low to avoid the feeling of a long grind for them (last time 30 was a bit too much imo, maybe 20 next time?).

    All in all those 2 Event are great and still work.

    Ice FIshing and the Anniversary Hunt were both nice little additions to spend some time besides dungeons and the usual grind. I see no reason why anyone would complain about them. If you dont think its worth, just dont do it and let others do it. Its as easy as that.

    One more thing about events in the open world tho. I myself find it extremely annoying if these event mobs/chests/whatever survive more than a single hit. I remember there was a Christmas Hunt and those Santas were so annoying to kill. They were constantly running away and tanking 20-30hits, sometimes even bugging out and porting around. It ruined the whole experience for me and i like the way this Hunt Event did it way more. Let people look for something and if they find it, a single hit should be enough to get the reward.

    It should be about finding something not about auto hitting it for a minute.

    PVP Events

    Im honestly not interested in TERAs current PVP so i also dont really have an opinion on those small Jackpot Events. I guess its nice to have them. Maybe someone who actually plays PVP would say something about them.

    And last but not least the Fire Demons Tome Event that started a few days ago.

    This event is known to be almost pointless for anyone that doesnt buy additional TT Tomes. The chance to get anything decent even after a month of logging in and doing dungeons to collect all "free" tomes that are available, is very small and i dont know anyone who really cares about this event. People get the Tomes and store them away until the last day of the event and then open them all and get a few Meta Emblems or Golden Talents and thats it.

    BUT i honestly dont mind having an event like this running aswell. After all TERA needs to make money and giving people more reasons to buy TT is not a bad thing imo. People who want to buy TT ingame from others for anything else than those event Tomes will also benefit from a greater TT supply.

    I want to add that i really think events like this, that are mostly made for people who cash should always run at the same time as any other event that benefits everyone. Otherwise there will be people ranting about it everywhere and complaining.

    So long story short. I really liked the recent weeks of event and i hope GF keeps it going. TERA without any events can quickly get boring, especially for people with (almost) maxed out gear and giving everyone more reasons to play is a no brainer in my opinion.

  • Well, I don't share at all your opinion.

    In my eyes, the only events that were not complete trash were the 2 gardians one and the compension for the rollback on patch 80.

    We're crying for ways to level up without having to farm basilics for years, but this doen't seems to interest Gameforge at all.

    I'm so disapointed by the so called "Anniversay events", I would have trade all of them for 1 hour of gardian event if I could.

    RNG + Grind = cancer

    Someone at Bluehole Studio thinks that fun is spelled G-R-I-N-D

    TERA : The Endless Recycling until Agony

  • Pvp events were not enough considering the amount of mats and gold you need to try to reach +9. Not mentioning how shit is the enchant system since when you fail you kinda always go down to +6 and you have to do everything again since the beginning.
    Quality game 100% :wacko:

  • This Anniversay event felt for some reason a bit underwelming from previous Anniversay events...

    i will say first what i did like about it!

    Guardian Legion Event was great and very welcoming, hope to see it in the near future again! (MORE PLS my alts will need it!)

    I had a blast at Bamarama! it was nice to see so many people there and all yelling in Area chat rooting for the Bam they bet on XD

    The Gift Calendar was pretty ok, had some nice gifts in it cosmetic wise. some where a hit some where a miss

    Fishing was good for when you go afk, drops where nice loved the shrink thingy XD and the shop was ok ish (wish there was more in it)

    Mixed feelings about...

    the Bluebox/goldenBeetle open world hunting event, drops where not so great then from previous years... (PLS dont add the darn gold tickets again!)

    Fire Demon Tome, not great at all, for me personally its just basically a P2W event seeing as you can buy them from the shop and hardly (for me) drop in dungeons... it would have been nice if the drop in 444+ dungeons would have been a 90/100% party drop thats all it needed.

    PvP event i cant say anything about that because i dont PvP so i'll leave that open.

    Edit: was maybe hoping for a double/tripple drop incl. PoP and GG maybe?

    p.s. sorry for my gramma English is not my first language ^^