Why I decided to quit Tera

  • Hi there team,

    This is gonna be a bit of a rant. I don't know how long it's gonna be, 'cause honestly I'm just going to write whatever's on my mind and what's popping up in my head.

    So first of all, today I decided to finally stop my Tera subscription to TC, I uninstalled Tera and I don't plan on returning, simply because I think the game is not interesting to me anymore.

    I started playing Tera one and a half year ago, and it was such an amazing experience. I was so caught up by the action, the real-time combat system and the general mechanics of the game. It dazzled me, I came from a long break in WoW and was bored of their 4-button class system, and finding Tera was such a unique and different experience, that I got caught by it instantly.

    I started wiping in RKE and HH, and since then I developed in the game and became better and better, and I had the motivation to keep being better, despite all the veterans' players saying, that the game had already developed in a bad way. I was still motivated, up until now.

    To put it simple: I have tried to find all the good points in Tera, but the problem is that I can only find two points by now: The community and the combat system. Everything else is just bad game design or a dveloper that simply don't want to save the game, but instead want to squeeze whatever last money they can out of the game and simply let it die after.

    There are tons of problems, and there are lots of thread to prove that:

    - PvP Rewards + Gearing

    - Titan Storm/Earth

    - About 2.0s

    - Repeat "Guardian Legion Event" every weekend

    - Concerns about the future patch

    - Proposed change for Gear Enchantment System

    - Merge Killian and Mystel

    - Increase drop rate of accessory amplifier I+II

    - Increase the limit of Fish crates from 10 to 100

    - Upcoming Patch 80 [Level 70 Levelcap] and concerns about the future of the Game

    - Make the xp required to 70 less obnoxious

    - Increase Adventure Coins

    - Another useless ranting about Tera current state

    A lot of the issues mentioned in these posts are stuff like the amount of xp required to level, (in particular advancement skill points), which wouldn't be so obnoxious if we had some CONTENT while doing it, but the problem is that you're forced into BAM killing. The total removal of ALT's, unless you're a whale or have absolutely no life. The general collection of items and most importantly the RNG in the game. Most of the items we're supposed to upgrade are 100% based on RNG, rather than us farming actual stuff, and that's simply not a system that you can keep supporting, if you farm for hours and hours.

    To boil it all down: The game developed from a grind game to a p2w fest, and despite our best efforts in conveying this message to the developer, all of our requests fall for deaf ears.

    We all probably realize, this is not mods or Gameforge's fault, but instead BHS/Krafton, that simply refuse to change the game into the better, but instead run a business where it's all about making some quick money from whales, rather than investing time and effort into creating a good game, that'd give them more money in the long run. It's sad to see, that such greedy people were put in charge of a game with this much potential.

    Anyway, the long story short: This game is going in a direction that I, and most other people, simply don't like, and as such it's time to shut down. When this game finally gets closed for good, because they can't squeeze out anymore money of it, I hope that the mods in here and those working for GF will take the good aspects of this game and all the good advice this forum has provided and take it to another game, 'cause it's honestly sad to see someone working for a game, and then getting totally ignored by the developer.

    Until then, keep up the posts, friends. One day or another, I'm guessing that BHS will have to look in the eyes, that they're not good developers, but just money grabbers. I hope that for the people that stay, that something will/can be done, if nothing else, there are a ton of good advice in here, that can be used for bettering the game.

    I hope that the mods in here will take all this advice and all the posts with them, and eventually let it reach BHS, (hopefully?), and keep up the attitude you've been having the last few days/weeks: transparency. You've been better at telling us what you've been doing and so on, and you should keep it iup, thought there's still room for improvement.

    Signing out. Best of the luck for the future of the game.

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  • Gl mate, I did also cancel my TC a few days ago and moved on to another game. It's really sad to see the direction this game is taking.

  • bye trappiez you'll be missed ♡

    Hope we'll see changes and reach bhs someday.

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