Archer LFG Gossamer Vault 2-3 runs per evening

  • Hey guys,

    since it takes a while to find a random group for Gossamer Vault as dps I am looking for a group / players who like to run

    2-3 runs per evening.

    I am total beginner in this game (playing for 4 months now) but I know the mechanics and tactics for the two bosses, have finished

    this instance several times and dare to say I can play my class :) Just... I am too clumsy to finish this laser minigame in the instance.

    I always see three others far in front of me finishing it before I even reach half of the distance :P

    My archer is lvl 67 with item-lvl 453.

    I am daily online from 8pm UTC+1 to at least 10pm UTC+1. I can use Teamspeak and discord but I don't use mic for playing, just to let you know.

    Hope to find some players or a group for this instance :) See ya ingame, have fun! :)

    Bendowill - Archer -


    Crywolfs - Mystel -