Another useless ranting about Tera current state

  • This message will be long and full of english mistakes because I suck and I'm to lazy to re-read all of it.

    Hello there.

    First of all, properly speaking banning people for botting make sens in itself.

    But truth is, that's actualy not the problem here, despite how it look like.

    The problem is the hypocrisy and avoidance of Gameforge and Krafton (BHS) over this whole situation (and not only over BotFishing).

    You will all agree that, even if Botfishing is bad and indeed should be banned, there is far worst abuse and exploit in this game.

    As exemple, you can exploit your way to level 70 on 5 character in maters of 3 days, while fishing need over 50 days NON stop for a single character.

    There is also exploits letting you abuse closed dungeons, or clearing dungeons alone nearly One Shoting each boss... and much more.

    All these exploit are FAR worst than fishing as they are THOUSANDS times more efficient in XP making or Gold making.

    And guess what ? You do NOT get perma banned instantly for these, like you would for fishing.

    Let alone the unfairness of these Ban as Gameforge doesn't have any automatic way to detect BotFisher, and so only a very small % of them will get perma Banned while others doing the same deed will keep playing just fine.

    If that's not hypocrisy, I don't know what it is.

    In that sens, while you should punish FishBotters, instantly perma banning them in this current situation is retarded.

    Now what about the avoidance ?

    Let's me ask you something :

    Why did people started to mass BotFish (and yes I say MASS, there is much more people botfishing that what you think) all of a sudden ?

    All of a sudden ? But fishing (and botfishing) is here since months ?! Why wasn't it such an issue before ?! Why did it became so big at v80 release ?!

    Wow MegaBigBrain ! People actualy have a reason to suddenly, with v80, break the ToS go unethical and BotFish ???!!!! UNBELIEVABLE.

    A-And, let's take a very risky guess here (Kappa), would this reason be, XP ?! People wanting to get over this absolutly awfull, horrible and unfun 65 - 70 leveling you gave them. NO WAY ! Tera doesn't have any issue am I right...

    Btw, many people are still very unaware of it, but as you might have understood now the mass BotFishing occuring is NOT about gold. Most of them couldn't care less if it gave any gold or not, and there is far more efficient way to get money.

    My dear Gameforge, My dear Krafton, just like everything in life if you don't resolve the core issue of a problem, in one way or another said problem will remain. If my sink broke, wiping the floor from all the flooded water won't solve the core problem that my sink is still broken (messy exemple but you get the idea).

    And XP is just one of the issue.

    Pretty much everything implemented in this game since patch v80 is downright trash. Or some new systems are good in itself, but their implementation isn't.

    You keept adding new gearing items and new system that ALL have 2 very things in common.

    (Leveling XP) / Relic / Halidom / Partner / Skill Advancement XP... They all have HIGHLY grindy/P2W poor implementation and HEAVILY rely on RNG.

    And that lead to fiew problems :

    Heavy RNG increase players gearing disparity (and A LOT, we aren't speaking about fiew irrelevant difference anymore here) over something they cannot control (RNG), and that lead to unability to obtain either similar gear or BiS gear anymore. For a game like Tera that is gearing focused where gearing is so important and change things A LOT, This is downright retarded. there is no other words.

    Other problem being the HIGHLY grindy/P2W poor implementation, I can already see the whitknights comming like "You just want everything instantly", but that is not true.

    My issue is not about how slow things take, but about how poorly they are implemented.

    As exemple, I'm fine taking 400h to get level 70 in FFXIV, as all my 400h are filled with different and interesting things. But asking me to bash the VERY SAME COMPLETELY USELESS MONSTER for 150h ??? No thanks. And that's sadely what Tera 65 => 70 is currently about. No wonder people are cutting some slack by BotFishing, anyone sane would do the same... And let's not even speak about Skill Advancement XP it's not better either.

    Btw, Partner power buff system is the ultimate facepalm, let alone the ability to get new pets to use it... As mater of exemple, having over ~40 Fellowship point is 100% RNG, NOTHING ELSE. And 40 Fellowship Give 20 Power buff, while 50 Fellowship give 40 Power !!! 20 more Power, the buff itself DOUBLE, it's INSANE, and that's 100% RNG driven... such a good idea....

    Let's not even speak about the huge lack of content....

    I don't know what new Krafton Tera dev team is thinking about, but it would be a good idea to remind them that Tera is a "Holy Trinity" MMO, mostly about dungeons gameplay (and a bit PvP). While i'm not agains't adding some solo content here and there, the game and class themselves aren't meant to do solo things all day long (Let's just play a solo game at that point, or a game without Tank/Heal/DD), this isn't BDO.

    We are currently about to do a WHOLE YEAR with :

    +2 New dungeons (Well Technicaly it's one dungeon but NM / HM)

    +2 Recycled dungeons (Again, just one but DF NM/HM)...

    -13 dungeons.

    Let aside the loss of 13 dungeons (soon in EU, if you were wondering), we are getting one single new dungeon (NM/HM) over a full year ?_? Are we joke to you ?

    Should we even speak about Coins system ?... What a middle finger move that was as well.

    As least don't bring over 350 Coins entry cost. Oh wait, it will be the case for incoming dungeons...

    PLEASE, give us Coins for VG points like 125 Coins for 50 VG points, like we could buy Reset scrolls back then.

    The Haste Coins ones aren't viable at all as they give very little (Haste 4 give 400 Coins over 5h... no comment) and force you to spread your playtime, and most people don't have all their day to spread it.

    Do you expect people to buy Coins purse out of the shop ? What a nice expectation indeed, afterall, none could have missed the new P2W button on H tab. But most people would do is simply not playing anymore once they are out of coins, and simply give up with the game as they wont be able to keep things up like that. On the other hand, that also lower the amount of players available to play with, especialy in lower dungeons as high gear players now save their coins instead of helping in lower dungeons time to time... What a great system that is, totaly not killing the game itself.

    I also understand this whole issue is most likely because they are slowly swapping the game from level 65 to level 70.

    But HEY, WAKE UP if you are about to take more than a year just to transition the game from level 65 to 70, don't leave people with such trashy content inbetween for that long, do you have a death wish ?... Also, I don't see how Coins, Relic, Halidom and Partner system implementations will improve anyway, even once level 70 content is ready to go. So the problem remain regardless.

    Even if this whole thing is maybe generating more money income on the short end right now, keep looking away at the core of the issue and you will just dig your own grave in the long run.

    On my side, I left the game until it get any decent (if it ever does, my hopes are getting lower each patch), and canceled my subscription for the first time in 5 years, and I hope I'm not alone because right now this game isn't worth supporing with money or playtime at all.

    Thank you for reading all the way, have a nice day.

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  • Tl;dr of Clem's post:

    - Leveling is boring, the xp grind is insane, which would be fine, if we didn't have to hit the same boss 823140917203710237 times

    - Gearing is discouraging, 'cause it takes A: a lot of money, B: a ton of rng, (hello we don't even know our upgrade chance now???) and C: the drop rates are ridicolously low

    - Pet system: One big joke, who would want to start over and over with upgrading their pet?

    - Adventure coins: Can we get to do more than 4 dungeons a day, tyvm? Not everyone can sit at their PC 24/7

    - Removal of 13 dungeons? Really? When we only get 2 new dungeons, hello???

    - Fish botting is bad, yes, but maybe you should consider the reason as to WHY people starting fish botting

    I agree with everything. Great post, Clem friend, please consider revising some of this shit. Either give us better drop chances OR better means/content collecting the necessary mats/XP.

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    Only relevant chars honestly.

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  • The sad thing is - there are so many people p2w'ing these retarded rng pet-boxes. Why would anyone be dumb enough to support this kind of scam? The pets are literally p2w because you cannot farm those ingame (Dropchance is a fking joke so dont even mention those essences).

    Also at least in my opinion - considering all that grinding and shit rng they implemented, they're literally asking for the game to be exploited or people using fishing bots to actually be somewhat able to keep up.

    DPS Tier-List (No Idea about LvL 70 Patch but just gonna guess)

    Top-Tier: Reaper/Valkyrie
    Mid-Tier: Archer/Berserker/Sorc/Warrior
    Low-Tier: Slayer/Ninja/Gunner

    Zerk tl;dr from Tobthekingx

  • he sad thing is - there are so many people p2w'ing these retarded rng pet-boxes.

    This. On Yurian there are SO many people that open pet boxes it's insane. I don't wanna imagine how many people do that on Mystel. This is also the kind of pay to win that I never expected to happen to Tera. It is just very sad to watch and a concerning prospect of what is yet to come.

    - Adventure coins: Can we get to do more than 4 dungeons a day, tyvm? Not everyone can sit at their PC 24/7

    The Adventure Coin system is not bad in theory but the implementation is just atrocius, as the OP pointed out. Haste Coins are not a viable way of recharging your coins at all. This system drastically limits the amount of time i can actively spend in the game. After 4x Bahaar I am done for the evening for example, which takes a little more than an hour at best. Do you not want us to play your game anymore? I don't see how it is good for Krafton/Gameforge if we just log out after playing for an hour or two. Or are there actually people out there that buy coins for TT? The aforementioned is the only way that I see how the devs/publishers can profit off of this system.

    Either add a reasonable amount of FLAT Adventure Coins to the vanguard store or make gearing an alt actually sustainable so we can play your game.

    You could also consider increasing the loot in dungeons so that their cost is actually justified (looking at you, gvnm).

  • I see some very wise words, my friend.

    Athena   Atmorph   Aureli   Drestam take note. If you ever wanted better feedback, dont look any further.

    We, the players, are getting full of it.
    If the lvl 70 content isnt anything of use? Goodbye. After 7 years of fun this will come to an end soonTM if nothing changes.


  • I agree and there are many of us, long-time players who are just very frustrated with the state of Tera.

    I know you could say that people have always been complaining, but every patch no one thought it could get any worse anymore and well, surprise it could, multiple times, up to this point where most people have lost their hopes.

    I agree with what Apa mentioned, and personally, to me, it’s been all the recent changes and additions applied one by one, that became overwhelming all together up this point.

    The amount of things the developers have been adding is just ridiculous, we had glyphs, we asked for EP and we got it. Now we got Skill XP on top of all that(character-wide + retardedly hard to farm). What for?

    We had 4 etchings to get. The we got more etchings for accessories to get. We got masks. Now we got halidoms and relics. Haven’t seen a single gold one drop in a dungeon. Now we got pets. What will we get next? Isnt’t this enough already?

    And why suddenly change things, that were working in a certain way for years and were working just fine? Adding fee to broker? Making gathering 5x slower just to yet again ADD new items to get and to be annoying. I think it couldnt get any worse that this anymore but I am ready for everything at this point. People have just given up. People fish bot and exploit because they dont even care anymore. It’s the state of the game that made it this way, not the playerbase.

  • Remember when we were all happy doing 2k runs of Kelsaik, get friendly with noobs, not because we like them but because their rookie buff gave us more MES?

    Or when after 3 patches, cool kids still couldn't figure out Queen?

    The consensual PVP in Kanstria as well as autism in Lumbertown

    Those were the days

  • After all this time this patch has been out on whatever regions, I have yet to try and understand one thing:


    Because it can't be newcomers, as the Levelcap and the subsequent grind for it is overwhelming for them, even with all the nerfed dungeons, nor can it be long-time and Veteran players because they literally can't play any alts, even geared ones, to their full potential unless they dedicate their entire life to grinding them up - and that's coming from somebody who has 2 70's at this point. I for one don't want to go through that grind again, even if multiple of my alts meet the item level requirements for the new dungeons. But hey, I guess we are supposed to enjoy killing the same Basilisk, Moth, or whatnot for 150 hours straight over and over again, am I right? Really fun and engaging, especially considering that current and upcoming content are/will be level locked. Top notch design decision by Krafton there.

    And that's not even touching the Adventure coin system, which considering what I just said, is literally an encouragement to having alts... or rather an encouragement to buy the freaking coins in the cash shop, am I right? Let's play this out, PNHM which will come out soon will cost over 400 coins, so you do your 4 runs, and after those? Well, you either pay to buy more coins or you can log off until tomorrow, because you can't run ANY dungeons after that anymore (or on your other character, should you ACTUALLY have one leveled up). You can't even get more coins in ANY WAY ingame except for the passive regeneration over time and one or the other reward for running with Rookies over IMS... the latter of which are becoming increasingly rare because most people quit once they realize how grindy everything at 65 is.

    Oh well, then we have the walls of RNG:

    Gear Infusion (the only one that can't be P2W'd... yet), which is locked by three layers of RNG - dropping the gear, getting good stats on that gear, and then hoping that those stats carry over. It becomes especially brutal with Blightoath or Battered Oath, the latter of which only being available from the BAMs which, for some people, are not even an option as they are either handicapped by their class (unlikely to get the lasthit) or not geared enough to compete for it.

    Gear enchanting, which has been discussed enough on those forums already. Soon, new jewelry will come out... with 10% base chance at maximum item XP, at 2% correction per failure (oh gee, time to waste more gold!).

    Hell, to an extent, even skill advancement points are RNG because people can either be super lucky and drop a lot of rare scrolls, or none of them.

    Finally we have Partners, which have been described above, are a complete RNG fest, and can give you bad results even if you sacrifice multiple Grade 10 partners as fodder - these ones are also ABSURDLY p2w since pets barely drop, nor do Legacy Essences. When leveling my Lancer from 69 to 70, I saw maybe a total of 3? And those were A LOT OF HOURS spent leveling, yet it's not even close to a pet (not even a partner, LOL). In essence though, it is statistically almost impossible to even get a perfect partner. If the power scaling was linear beyond 40-ish fellowship, this wouldn't be a problem, but for whatever reason, it is linear until that point and then goes... crazy? Whatever the logic behind this is, don't ask me.

    Speaking of impossible stuff, what about Jewelry Etchings? They no longer drop in dungeons, and materials are scarce. The only way of getting Titans Earth and Storms is through gathering - and they are extremely rare - and as occasional dungeon drops from Ghillieglade and Pit of Petrax. There was not a single reason to make them this hard, if not impossible to obtain, but oh well, Krafton Logic I guess. To add to this, there's also 2.0 Dragons which are as of now paywall-locked, since no Dungeon drops them ever since Dreadspire got removed.

    So, to answer my question before, with all of this it seems that Krafton wants to cater the game to cashing whales more than ever, and with the game being developed in such a direction, the publishers are forced to kind of follow suit in this. But I guess the Koreans being forced to merge their servers because so many players quit after this horrible patch is not enough of an omen to show them what they are doing to their game. - Oh wait, nevermind, that was Kraftons solution to a cross server LFG suggestion, excuse me.


    But I digress. All in all, I agree with each and every one of your points Aparia , very well said.

    All I have left to say is that from Gameforge's side, I really hope to see more pressure towards Bluehole in such regards. So far it has been shown that a vast majority of the entire western playerbase is unhappy with the direction the game has taken, and the further it goes, the more and more players will jump ship sooner or later.

    To make some constructive suggestions, here you have some:

    - GREATLY increase drop rate of pets and Legacy Essences.

    - Increase gear upgrade chances slightly for higher tier gear, or, better yet, rework the entire correction system, here is a good suggestion for that.

    - Either increase monster experience or add a permanent XP buff. On EU, we actually have the most brutal leveling process of all regions, since our highest possible XP modifier is behind that of other regions. Especially compared to an NA player with Tier 8-10 emporiums, it becomes absurd.

    - Add coins directly to either Elleons or the Vanguard Initiative merchants, and not just a Coin-regeneration-booster.

    - Rework the distribution of rewards for the World Bosses Ortan, Hazard and Cerrus.

    - Add a source of 2.0 Mounts ingame.


    - Make Guardian Legion XP something permanent? (solution for alts)

    - Remove broker fees.

    - Make fishing less rewarding in regards to skill XP, and dungeons / bams more rewarding instead.


    And as for Krafton, well, all I have to say is, I am genuinely impressed by HOW BAD a game development team can be, this is beyond EA levels of incompetence. And I genuinely hope a Development team such as this will not work on any other games after TERA.

  • I remember when 16 crit Innerwears were best in slot innerwears.

    I bought 24 crit innerwears which were best in slot at the time and then they released new innerwears next week.

    Usually in games best in slot means best in slot however in TERA they get replaced so often no item has even been best in slot for a long time, I think only Marrow brooch held the spot for a long time but nothing seems to last.

    Equalized battlegrounds like corsairs stronghold have become unequalised with the current patches as talents and advanced skill/talyphs gives so much advantage to players that play more its actually dum.

    For example a player with talents can have a 23 power and 23 endurance advantage plus damage increase to certain skills compared to a player without talents.

    Talyphs/advanced skill gives dum advantages as well.

    Playing on alts is no longer viable as the game wants you to invest all your time/gold on 1 character which makes the game have less variety. I remember being able to clear the hard mode dungeons in previous patches on a healer, tank and dps character as you only needed mid tier gear to get the vanguard. Now its kind of impossible to do hard mode dungeons on your alts unless you have a lot of gold/time to gear up your other characters to get the vanguard unless you don't mind not getting the vanguard reward.

    There was also an exploit for talents allowing players to max out their talents within 3-4 days.

    Adding mask, pets and relics into the game was unneccessary in my opinion and should have stopped at the stupid circlet.

  • I know that game direction changed completely and i have many reasons to complain but nothing bothers more than that while with all these bul****t you have time and gold only for 1 char in the end you cant play it cause of adventure coins.

    As Aparia said what a middle finger move.

    My biggest concern though and correct me if i am wrong is that i see more people playing ..... i mean common even on Killian you see people

    There is noticeable increase compare to the previous months.

    So if this is true and also more people p2w for pets and other stuff i dont see a change anytime soon.

    They are company and they understand in the end only one thing ----- MONEY ------

    Can we boycott tera shop? Most likely no but only this can change things .

    <3KILLIAN RIP. 2018<3

    Hello people, our Server is starting recruitment

    We are looking for ppl that are familiar with endgame content..........

    ....... like fishing / Basilsks / dailies / Catacombs / Afk Highwatch / Tera shop / selling items on LFG.

  • The sad thing is - there are so many people p2w'ing these retarded rng pet-boxes. Why would anyone be dumb enough to support this kind of scam? The pets are literally p2w because you cannot farm those ingame (Dropchance is a fking joke so dont even mention those essences).

    Also at least in my opinion - considering all that grinding and shit rng they implemented, they're literally asking for the game to be exploited or people using fishing bots to actually be somewhat able to keep up.

    You are supporting it by still playing the game.

  • Why did people started to mass BotFish

    Heard from some sources that fishing XP got reduced to 1/3 in EU, meaning afk fishing is 3 times more uselss than it should be, which encourages fish-botting

    Be smart gameforge, if you want to make fish-bot less relevant, make afk fishing more useful??

    But asking me to bash the VERY SAME COMPLETELY USELESS MONSTER for 150h ??? No thanks

    It's funny that also game is moving towards solo content, while it's a game that has been designed for party/raid type of content

    not to mention the AI of bams is terrible, some classes can't even pack & farm them properly making them so slow

    (just to make an example of a huge XP/hr disparity: archer gets 1.6b XP/h while a lancer can barely reach 700M XP/h)

    Heavy RNG increase players gearing disparity (and A LOT, we aren't speaking about fiew irrelevant difference anymore here) over something they cannot control (RNG), and that lead to unability to obtain either similar gear or BiS gear anymore

    Not to mention the item level required for dungeon is insane, I remember VM patch where all you needed to run max-tier content was Mid-Tier gear and you were set, maybe you wouldn't have the highest dps and fastest runs but at least you'd get vanguards for running dungeons you actually like

    Should we even speak about Coins system ?... What a middle finger move that was as well.

    funniest part is they didn't consider (or maybe they did ;)) people don't play the same amount every day, there are days when people have more free time and play more, others where they're busy and their coins "go wasted"

    I guess if you have that free day be ready to cash in some money to buy coins :elin17:

  • Totally agreed with everyone like I dont even know how they decided to add a new level cap with barely any ways of leveling besides doing some solo content of killing the same bam for over 200 hours and expect players to not try to bot fish? and then they perma ban half the community with players putting so much time and effort into their characters and with a single click of a button poof ur accounts gone like its not even game breaking for you to do that

    How about you maybe start adding some proper way of leveling to 70 instead of some boring ass grind like seriously why would you even remove guardian event it shouldve been permanent with current state of the game??

    And seriously stop putting titles into the game which just makes the community fight over it instead put something useful that rewards the player for helping each other instead?? things like 25%+~100% increased drop rate when you have a rookie in your party? or a better title thats given to a player that has helped many rookies in a hard dungeon to actually clear? Cause right now the community is all about just reporting each other and nothing better to do "This guy is fishbotting and this guy is this and that and this".

  • My problem with current Tera is that having alts is really hard...

    Im one of those players that likes to play every class, years ago I had 6 chars with VM gear every major patch.

    Now, just grinding for my main is a pain, I have +6 stormcry axe at 60% chance and it wont go to +7 for anything in this world.(how many diamonds is that? i dont want to know...)

    Enchating accessories is also unreal...

    And now they add lvl 70???

    I don't feel like playing zerk anymore but my alts are trash...

  • Nothing to add here. Hope to see changes soon!!!

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  • I am for the first time in one and a half year considering stopping TC. That's how bad the game state is.

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    Only relevant chars honestly.

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  • Nothing to add here either - We need changes to this game ASAP. In the meantime for content, I hope maybe Atmorph is already planning to add some additional event dungeons (aka more extreme modes etc.) so there's some variety which would be nice. But then again, this is a temporary solution. BHS really has to go through everything and fix this crap. Content / Enchanting & Gearing / Coins / Allowing alts again and such.

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