Players whom got banned because of fishing.

  • Do not agree with this.

    If anything, it should stay permanent, and if they create a new character and bot again, it should become an IP ban (proxy/hacks users should get the same treatment).

    Reducing it to a mere 2 weeks ban would be kind of an insult towards all those who stick to the rules and play without botting.

    My friend , you actually have no clue and idea about the situation so please your opinion doesn’t matter, you aren’t a player who got perma for fishbot , I already said some were reported for fishbot and they are CLEAN ! And got banned. Perma, they don’t hack and never hacked and they have 6-7 Years clean history, if you cannot or aren’t able to understand I suggest you read Trappiez comment it sums up everything.

  • boody19644 i dont get it how u start by agreeing with this and then just say completely the opposite

  • Imagine ppl complaining about tera proxy and start banning to everyone who inject packets.

    That happened on NA and masssive amount of ppl quit the game, another one moved to EU, 2 weeks after this NA gave up fighting about tera proxy and they even unbanned to Memeslashers.

    Im agreed exploiters bots need be perma banned (ppl with a lvl 10 gear) , but if they are even banning (perma ban) ppl who actually play the game (clean history) its too much.

    Alot of ppl who complained about fishing bots are gold sellers,,, why they didnt got a ban yet , same with lvl 70 exploiters

  • we all know the current system is horrible af but this doesn't give you the right to go and botfish you'r way to lv 70 with tons of skill exp, cheaters should always be banned, same goes for those proxy users ( which are far worst for the game than botfishing tbh).

  • I think that the lots of you are getting lost in your own ideas of white and black cheating is bad conversation is done.

    What Krathus is saying is that the punishment has been uneven among the distribution of players, some got hit hard for no significantly different reason than others and the communication on the side of the mods have been bare bones at best.

    It is quite upsetting as well when a select few recieve softer punishments or no punishments at all just for having friends in higher places and for all of these reasons I place my agreement with Krathus that the retribution on the side of the GMs has been unfair at best and malicious at worst.