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    Level 65 Mystic and having some real issues with mana drain.

    This is very odd and kinda driving me potty. Can I start by saying that once I reached Level 65 I hit a brick wall with my normal attack rotations as I basically was doing zero damage. And when I say zero, I mean zero. I adjusted my game plan and the only way I can clear stuff is to wait till Thrall of Wrath is up and then and only then I launch Thrall Augmentation and my Thrall of Protection. I can then target what ever mob or mobs I need to clear and in a matter of seconds I can normally kill what I need.

    However, here is the big problem. I am unable to use any Aura or sustain my Augmentation after the initial ten seconds of the battle. The Thrall of Protection is like dead in seconds generally, but worse with just one Metamorphic Smite and Blast I am on zero mana. It just empties in seconds.

    What I noticed, without even having any auras up if there are other players in the area my mana just runs out instantly. And that is with the augmentation disabled and the Thrall dismissed. I notice it even when I am in cities. I have no beneficial buffs active but if I have been using the Augmentation, then half a dozen of my spell icons are cycling and my mana is draining cus other players are in the vicinity. Last night I had just the two active icons for Vangueard Valor and Crystalbind and a series of my icons were cycling mana and I was losing it by the bucket full. Just standing in the city.

    Though sometimes when there are no other players in the field I can have almost everything up and leave the thrall up plus the Augmentation and I am able to replenish mana at the same rate as losing with crystals and such. But as soon as anyone else comes into the area I just drain to zero and am unable to survive once the Wrath is down cus the Protection Thrall will be down and I will be on zero mana. Its worse when I do any solo dungeons I am just fighting an empty mana bar all the time.

    As to health I never lose any really. Staying alive is not my problem. It is a mana drain that just is triggered by both Augmentation whether active or not, and definitely other players when active in the area. I just avoid other players at all cost. Its the same when even fishing and I have no buffs or thrall active... my icons start going bonkers and I just drain mana all the time. All happened after that awakening apex questline and I just wish I had never done it. I was OK before that. The trick is to log out and back in again when fishing and it stops it.

    Is there any other mystic that can point me at the cause of the problem so I can try to disable what ever is draining the mana when I am static. I would love to use my spells but just can't cus they drain mana when other players are in the vicinity. You should see the drain... it just gushes out in seconds. Literally. Can I repeat... Augmenation and Thrall are not active and it still happens.

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  • Sorry for double post but the editor is strange and wont let me use paragraphs

    OK... seems to be pretty dead sadly the forum.

    Just an update for my own benefit then. I was in an area on Island of Dawn killing Hydras and I was able to use my Thrall Augmentation without drain fully of mana for the entire time I was killing all ten and I had my Thrall up all the time. However when I flew to the area with the Iron Giants as I crossed the bridge the mana just drained to nothing. I then couldn't use it. I was popping Aruns Tears endlessly and in battle unable to actually fight cus I was simply trying to replenish mana. I was doing nothing other than fire up my thrall of protection and Wrath. Sadly this was a very painful experience.

    I went into a dungeon and was able to sustain my mana by not using the Augmentation but on the last boss fired it up. I then ported to Highwatch and even with it disabled I was bleeding mana with several of my icons rotating and I just couldn't stay there and had to leave.

    I struggled today and managed after weeks to get to Level 66. I then went to kill bores in Tria and my power, mana, health and all round general abilities had not changed even though I had levelled. I still couldn't kill anything with my skills unless I wanted to stand there like for half an hour pea shooting. Worse the mana drain is endless. I cannot use the augmentation cus its like taking the plug out the drain.

    So in truth after Level 65 and worse when you do the Awakening quest the class for me becomes useless. None of my damage burst skills are usable. By simply doing 1 ( That is one ) smite and blast I am down to zero mana. If I do not top up the mana I lose all my skills. And so I simply cannot fight and instead hope the Wrath can kill stuff. I then just have to go hide and wait for the Thrall to come back after cooldown.

    There is no lift in any power or skill after reaching 66 and sadly the mobs now just become even harder. Worse is that I have to get through 14,600 million XP to the next level. I cannot upgrade the weapons cus at 50% chnace of failure and the massive cost for materials to do it you would be bonkers to even try. Its taken me the best part of Level 65 to get together the materials and that is after training Smelting to 500 at great cost.

    I just cannot see where thsi is going. I was very effective as a solo PvE in the filed prior to the Awakening quest line. I then get hammered with issues of mana and I really cannot kill anything. I cannot find anything on line about fighting as a Mystic and I have had no response here. I watch with envy as other players do what I use to be able to do and that is clear large numbers of mobs. At the moment all I can do is isolate one mob launch my Thralls and hope we take it down.... cus I have no mana within ten seconds of engaging and all I do is run around topping up mana endlessly so the man doesn't zero out and I lose all on my active bar. If the mob is still up I have to run away and come back.

    I cannot spend another 16,500 million XP in hope that it gets better. I just have no way of working this out on my own. And like I say the mana drains cus there are other players in proximity. Where the Iron Giants were is a camp and a few players active and the man just emptied instantly. what is worse is that I have to log off and return to stop the process when ebtering a city with other players. There is a bug sadly to my installation. If there aint then the class for me inplayable. Either way I guess I'm done. I guess I could level another mystic but never like ever do the Apex quest lines. Levelling seems generally pointless. And sorry but the grind is so boring if I can't actually use my skills. I have tried everything in the arsenal but sadly with zero mana at launch of attack I can't do anything. No idea how you could ever group with this problem. I really just drain to nothing the minute any other players become active around me. I've disabled every other buff I have. Makes no difference. I also get a large circular wave of red blast around my character when others are present and that is when the man drain starts.

    Sorry to go on... but sadly I cannot go on. It was a real struggle to get to 66. If matters had changed I may have continued but with no mana to fight with I'm really stuffed. Its seriously pointless.

  • Mana drain is caused mainly by your thrall aura and summoning thralls

    There are several things you can do to prevent that:

    -make sure nostrum is activated all the time

    -between usage of 2 thralls, use heal thrall

    -dont just spamm dmg skills, use sphere explosion on cd, gives mana, hp and does the most dmg

    -use a glissening crystals (60 mana is you attack from behind)

    -use ring of corruption if the risc is high to drop below the mana that your thrall aura needs (otherwise all auras will be deactivated)

    -use a mana potion pet

    :lol: How I memorize 11 88 0? :lol:

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  • Are you using Prime Battle Solution?

    Do you use Corruption Ring skill at all?

    Do you have 'Over-Absorbtion' talent leveled-up for Corruption Ring?

    Do you use ANY mana pots?

    Do you have auto-pot partner?

    Do you explode motes at all? If u explode blue mote u basically deal dmg and get the mana you used up back.

    Do you have MP roll on shoes? Maybe on weapon if you have this much struggle?

    As an awakened mystic you need to have mana pots at all times, that is your life now. Either use pot everytime you summon a thrall, or get a partner that will use it automatically for you.

    Auras are party-wide, so your mana draining is not caused by random people around.

    ^also as this person above said, coz we were typing at the same time, thrall of life is mana saver too.

  • I have Nocterium Infusion and Everful Nostrum up all the time and generally they balance the mana loss from the Augmentation. I use the Noctenium for Contagion. I generally start by firing up the Augmentation and then fire up the Thrall of Protection. Then I use Contagion. Next I use the Tralll of Wrath as its the only damage dealing skill I now have.. And without me even doing any smite or blast myself my mana just drains down the plughole. So I have to then hit the Aruns Tears just to stop the zero mana killing my pots that I have to put on. The speed at which it goes down depends on whether other players are active. Trust me and that is without any auras active. I can't use anything that uses mana.

    Like I say I was doing the Hyrdras and no problem. All in equilibrium and pots battle pots etc balancing the Augment. I was even able to leave it up and the thrall all the time. No people present. Then I simply flew to where the iron giants were and as I went over that small shrubbery blocking the road the mana pool just evaporated and yet the pots were still up. After that no matter what I did there were several of my icons flashing and losing mana by the bucket and I can't stop it. I have to log and come back in to stop the processes. Same when I am in cities and anywhere where other players are present. Specially fishing.

    I generally pick quiet places and then it is stable but as soon as someone comes to do mobs in and around where I am there is a flash circle to my body and then the mana just zonks down. I can be in a dungeon on my own and I'm fine the whole time till I teleport out and then it starts. But only if I have had Augment on. I noticed the activity the minute I completed the Awakening quest. I just couldn't understand why many of my icons were cycling and I was losing mana. And there was no buffs active. Nothing.

    Also since hitting the Apex quest I have been unable to do any damage at all. I have never had a problem with mystic and chain my attacks and have enjoyed my battle tactics. I then hit a brick wall. After the Apex quest line and the Awakening I just couldn't any longer do damage. I was trying to kill boars outside Tria and just gave up in the end. I was hammering away endlessly and doing no damage at all. I just vaporated the Thrall and ran away. Only skill I can use is the Thrall of Wrath and kill one mob and then stand idle while I wait for the thing to come back on cool down. Fortunately I can log out to clear the nonsnense with the mana drain. Trust me I have no buffs active at times , not one and the icons are going balistic and the mana just endlessly drains out. I can't stop it.

    It feels like a bug to me. Has made the character unplayable. I have to do an escort quest and there will are multiple mobs. Trouble is I need 1 minute 20 seconds for the Wrath to cool down as it is my only damage dealing skill now and there are a dozen or so mobs spread out on the pathway and the quest is timed at four minutes. Its taking me five minutes to kill anything with the Prot Thrall using my trad atack. I am throwing everything I have in the mix and nothing does any damage. And I've been playing Mystic for years and years. Its never like ever been like this. This can't be right. I normally only ever use Smite and Blast plus the protection thrall. I don't use any other skills... never needed to.

    I have corruption ring VIII never use it. .. The problem is that these mobs at 65 plus need all my attention if I am going to kill anything. I never need to really deal with health as I never really lose any health. I am eternally trying to stop mana bleeding out and cus the Thrall is pretty useless now even with his shield, he just clots about and often just creates more problems pulling stuff. I spend all my time dashing about trying to refill mana. And thats all I do. So when the Thrall is down I generally give up and wait for a couple of minutes till the wrath is up. Sadly the Wrath is bonkers also and you have no control so if the mob moves and he decides to go jump all over the place he will leave the mob up. And its all a big joke. Up to this point I would normally tag everything and take the lot down with chained smite and blast and never even take damage or lose mana. Truth is I've never like ever bothered with mana. Now I am pea shooting and its just gotten pretty annoying. I'm about to give up.

    One last thing is that I am set up for damage cus I don't play with others and never play as healer. So I don't have any need for most of what I have. Like I say I never have an issue with heal. I am pretty bullet proof. I like toe to toe and use smite and blast with smacking the mobs. Its the way I play and I have six mystics cus I like the class so much. But I can't get one hit off noe cus of mana drain. I only recently srated using Contagion cus I saw someone on YouTube suggest it. Seems pretty useless.

    Anyway... I haven't got a solution and I have been trying all afternoon again. I can't stop the mana bleed sadly. Something feels wrong. These characters are very old and maybe something is mucked up in their dna from the beginning of Tera when I started playing.

  • Weapon Mana roll isnt available anymore. if i ain't wrong.


    having a pet with 3er mana skill helps a lot. and if your mana drains too much you simply have to pot. if you use corruption ring regularly you shouldnt have any problems. after the thrall of wrath you HAVE to use thrall of life or at least corruption ring to keep your mana in balance.
    since you did apex quest, why don't you start blowing up motes for damage? hearing you talking about having issues dealing damage and you're not using the highest dps skill next to thrall of wrath? sorry, but from reading everything you wrote i just think that you literally don't have much of a clue about the mystic class in general. and having 3+ mystics doesn't make you a mystic pro automatically. also my thrall of wrath has like 51 seconds cooldown with the bis gear atm and most cdr possible. and not the 1:30 you stated, anyways that shouldnt have that much impact. imho you're dramatizing the situation. mystic mana is annoying, i agree on that, but its not unplayable.

    that is my mana drain when i stand afk with nostrum and all auras needed activated. me doing nothing. so idk how you possibly could stand there and reach 0 mana in any way. seems like you're doing something drastically wrong with this class

  • im not aware of anything ingame that even would drain your mana if you have nothing active at all

    unless your bug is that said thrall augmentation is not visible to you for some reason

  • Few things and then I will shut up.

    I will have to raise a technical query regarding the mana drain cus there is something very wrong. With nothing active there should not be mana drain and spell icons cycling. Nuff said. The only two items active are the crystal protect and some buff that is there all the time with the sword icon. But nothing else. I am standing in the city and just puzzled why the icons for the thralls are rolling round when the augment is not active. I just log and it clears. Difficult to do when you are fighting though.

    Second... I have played mystic without issue for years and I play my style of play. I chain stuff and have never had an issue killing mobs. I am aware of blowing up the mana and health balls. My goodness what an exciting style of game play firing off balls and then blowing them up. I also have the Wrath that has a mind of its own and bounces around like a demented jack in the box. Plus the doom thing that well is like very elegant [ not ] and on endless cooldown. Shame they changed the interface cus it really mucked up my chains.

    Here is the thing for like 1 to 65 I never ever had an issue taking on mobs with my Thrall face to face blast to smite to blast to smite. It was fast and furious. I never have been a caster as Mystic I fight with my scepter like a warrior with a sword. I have battled every BAM.. and that was in a time when BAMs were BAMs and not the nonsense we have today ... with my weapon to my hand smashing away. I have never had an issue rounding up whole areas and circling them all and taking them out in one or two blows. All the way to 65. Infact 60 to 65 was a piece of cake compared to some of the later areas in the 1 to 60 zones. But I fear nothing and never have.

    Fast forward to today and after the Apex Awakening nonsense... and I now have mana loss and my smite and blast do nothing. Nothing at all. I was trying again to kill boars today and its was just pathetic. I am using everything I have including dropping the odd balls but if that is what Mystic has become and my weapon is never going to perform the way it was then I am outa here. I have worked my socks off to try and get the gzillion stuff to upgrade this thing but if when it reaches its peak I will not be able to kill stuff like I was from 1 to 65 then I will just hang up my stick. I have loved my game as Mystic but now its been crippled and I am forced to stop playing the way I have always played. I can suatain any amount of damage I can pull every boar in the area. I can keep hammering away endlessly. I can even stop with two dozen mobs there and do a dance and pick flowers. I aint gonna die. For sure though I aint gonna kill 'em with my stick anymore. Its busted for good me thinks.

    The biggest joy for me playing Mystic was the toe to toe stuff, predicting the boss/mobs movement, dodging the attacks and then smacking them so hard I knock them over. No matter how big they are. Its been a real load of fun walking into any arena of battle and fighting stuff with my Thrall. Shame it had to end. Very sad.

    Anyway, the wider issue , other than the mana and the damage that I can do is finding actual content that is interesting. I have done new the story quest up to the dungeon for the 66 region and now I guess I gotta throw balls at butterflies every single day from now until I hit 67. I thought there would have been actual interesting story based quests. Not collecting 60 carrots and killing butterflies.

    So there you have it. I really don't have an answer to the Mana thing. I actually have 5 mystics and I had a lot more but when they merged they deleted loads of my characters. I was playing from almost the very beginning and I enjoyed Mystic. I know all the tools pretty well. These new ones are a pain though. I know how to balance the mana, and I can generally handle that. What I can't handle is why it suddenly pops and then literally runs out like water down a plug hole. I just sit there looking at the screen and cannot see what is active that is draining mana. I have cancelled everything... EVERYTHING. And it happens always when I am suddenly with other players.

    By the way I am not a healer. I play offensive mystic. Not anymore it would seem. [ Stop mucking about and just hit the thang ]

  • Yeh but then everyone here is going to disappoint you. There is no point in playing offensive mystic since vm7. After they removed critpower scrolls for heals and the damage output of the mystic got nerfed. I liked to play damage mystic in vm7, too. But that's simply not the way bluehole is developing the mystic since 2015. In the end you just have to adapt to the changes they made and have no other chance. And even tho you could've played mystic in an offensive play style back in vm7 it never got even close to a real damage dealer so it doesn't make any sense to stick to that playstyle any longer and that probably won't come back anytime soon.

  • I changed to mana underwear since I'm really good on endurance anyway.

    Still doing solo bams etc will consume a lot of mana and force you to use mana pots to be most efficence. Just follow the ^mentioned tips and go for mana underwear and if you're still having troubles there might be a problem with your rotation/mana management.

    If you really think your mana is bugging, record a video which includes your glyphs, rolls,cristalls, talents and record the situation when you run out of mana.

    Beside the tips nothing will help you anyway in this forum.

    Classes change with patches and thats what happend to mystic too. Adjust to the changes or reroll if you don't like it. A healer was never meant to be a dps thats why we have the triangle system.

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  • I have this trouble also, but somehow i manage to always spam thrall life for Mana and by exploding motes.

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