About 2.0s

  • But you see, you did exactly what they wanted, you definitely paid a large sum.

    Whether you get anything out of it, is entirely a new topic.

    For as long as players are randomly doing what you did, changes will be Zero

  • Rarity is fine if its cosmetic, not if its character power related. You can add surprise boxes that give ugly wings or hats and if the drop rate is low enough itll be worth millions just like 2.0 dragons. If a phoenix or dragon had super rare recolor from the surprise box that would be super expensive. You could add a hat that looks like an actual turd to a surprise box with a 0.001% droprate and people would spend millions of gold on it. Turdperson would have no power advantage over anybody else though. Theres a reason dreamer boxes sometimes sell for millions even though they give no power.

    Atleast that is my normal opinion. But this is tera, with enough gold or tts you can pretty much do whatever. In this game gold/tt has always been directly linked to character power. Just with halidoms/pets it now costs alot more and there is no end in sight so its more evident than ever now. They probably realized people are impatient and if the goal is a few months away most will just not spend real money to buy thalers but grind it out. But if the goal is super expensive and for some items nearly impossible and has no end in sight hopefully that nudges them over that edge.

    Id love to have a 2.0 phoenix and i can get the gold for it but its just not worth it for me unless they become less rare and cost less gold. Then again its not like im a top 1% player so while the 2.0 buff would be nice its not gonna make a huge difference. In current tera you will probably always be missing something whether its a rank 50 pet, halidom, relic or 2.0 mount. Though for 99% all of the above.