Priest or Mystic?

  • Soooh the real question what I ask myself?

    What is better these days? Priest or Mystic.

    Mystic was in such a favor since the amazing crit aura! but since advanced skills gives Priest also slightly some kinda crit aura...

    who would win in a long run?

    What are your thoughts!?

    I still think that Mystic might be a better healer for party's with experience, or fast runs


    Priest more for carrying party's, talking about first timers or safe runs!

  • The mystic can give the party absortion shield with his apex skills, and a lot of buffs, also can do some damage and help with some mechanics with his thralls.

    However the Priest is the mainly healer, I mean, the priests heals mor. Even so I prefier the Mystic

  • Both can shield the party and support similarily good, the priest has less mana management while the mystic has a few fun, specialized tools that make it very fun to play. Priest is the more solid well rounded allround healer for every situation.
    Atleast thats how my two healers feel, I guess this is very subjective

  • I think both are viable.

    It's just a matter of which classes you have in your group.

    No matter how carefully you choose your words, they'll always end up being twisted by others.
    Denken ist schwer, darum urteilen die Meisten.

  • Most elitists preffer priest, so play mystic to avoid being picked by them. Those are no fun people, trust me.

    Don't listen to that guy, you won't find a group since " the elitist players " he's talking about are 99,9% of the actual community, just play priest or gunner/lancer, nothing else.

  • Most elitists preffer priest, so play mystic to avoid being picked by them. Those are no fun people, trust me.

    Not even true

    Mystic is by far better (and as soon they get their cd stat, priest is pretty much useless)

    For casual runs it doesnt really matter which class
    for push 100% mystic

    OwO what is this... :'3

  • Mystic is the only viable option. You're griefing the party if you're a priest lmao they could have had a mystic in there you know :dedd: play whatever you like if you're casual if you're considering scoring in general with parties then the answer is clear m y s t i c

  • Priest looks better so you should play that.

    Size of the staff matters! I prefer the staff over the scepter as well. :thumbsup:

    i like priest more :3

    Same tbh.

    Play what u want to play.

    If u like Mystic more -> Play it

    If u like Priest more -> Play it

    Both are a solid choice

    At the end of the day, this is what matters. @OP you should play what you like, if you are forced to play classes you don't like you'll get bored anyway and quit.

  • Stick to this, fun matters more than what's better

    Play what u want to play.

    If u like Mystic more -> Play it

    If u like Priest more -> Play it

    If you want a true answer about wich one is better: tl;dr Mystic

    why? the reason is simple

    - Mystic can have higher uptimes of power-up compared to Priest

    - Mysic gains more crit power thanks to thrall of wrath

    - Mystic does more dps, therefore contributes more to party dps

    - Mystic has contagion which is an extra 4% damage for 36s during burst

    Only pros I can see from Priest is higher self heal and additional anti-kd from holy burst

    Sadly this is the reality, while I personally prefer playing Priest, must admit Mystic is far superior.

    Also friendly advice play Elin because Elins are love :elin5:

  • Wanna do Bahaar? If so take mystic

    Priest is overall better to carry noob parties but for serious play mystic brings more to the table, on top of that it has more ease doing most mechanics in hard dungeons.

    For example in bahaar dodging waves is a pain with priest (I personally have to use beers to dodge them due to ping) while mystic is just not hard at all. Also mystic has better sleep so no trouble with skeletons.

  • xLightz


    Priest looks way cooler, they can kill with their beautyness holding big staff.


    So ye priest 1 - Mystic 0


    ~~~~~ Kamuijunketsu - Warrior ~~~~~

    ~~~~~ Rilakkuma - Priest ~~~~~

    ~~~~ Kamuisenketsu - Mystic ~~~~
    ~~ Momosenketsu - Sorcerer ~~
    ~ Lancérmomo - Lancer ~

    Pictures inspired by ToZ

  • This is indeed very subjective.

    You will see all Mystics saying Mystic is the best choice and same is for Priests.

    I played them both but at the end of the day i go on with my Priest, I like it more.

    They both have different play styles, so the choice will be yours depending on which one you enjoy more in playing obv. To keep up the Party alive, they are both good. After awakening Priest became far better re. party buffs. Mystic is easier while you solo btw, they have more dps options. Soloing and lvling with Priest is a pain. Same for dodging and iframing, which is easier with Mystic. Mystic is mostly out of combat during dungeon fight (correct me if this has changed) but Priest is constantly in combat mode making your adrenaline up at all times :) Mystic gives you more sustained heals while Priest can burst-heal you and save you in harder situations. Try both for a while and see which one fits better your play style.