Can't transfer over server until my ticket is fixed

  • Hello all, I'd like to inquire that I'm transferring my character to another server, but to do so I have to delete ALL my non-transferable items in my inventory. I have deleted and banked everything not needed, I checked more than 10 times as well as my postal. There's a problem I have with an item that wont be deleted, sellable, dismantled or turned in since my quest was deleted. I have sent a ticket in to Support to delete this item but it has be 4 days without any reply. Is it possible for anyone or anyone superior to talk to support about this for me? Since I spend a lot on my transferred ticket and still waiting. The item is from "You got Talent quest" called Talent Token.

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  • They fixed it for me and deleted the item. :)

    Yes I don't know why the introduce items that cant be deleted in anyway, I guess you have to be careful.