Those who exploit leveling: Will they get punished?

  • To begin with, sorry if I am posting in a wrong forum as I have tried to look for the best place for it. I have tried contacting support and they have suggested me to use Tera's forum in order to solve/answer my concerns and question.

    As some already know, new content, new patch - new bugs and exploits. One of them was that people were able to level up using a certain exploit, allowing them to level up from 65 to 70 in literally hours. I have done my research and I know exactly how they did it, therefore I do not support and cannot tolerate their actions so I already reported people who were abusing this issue. Anyhow, I am already aware that actions were taken towards the people who used such exploit (disgusting, really.). But my real concern lies here:

    As they leveled up first of their classes, WILL THEIR TITLES GET REMOVED?

    When you think of it, ban should be enough, right? But when you play the game literally whole day, spend money on experience potions, hoping to have at least SOME COMPETITION for the title, someone tells you there are leveling exploits and people already got their levels literally a week ago, it just breaks my will to continue playing.

    I understand they are probably banned by now, but knowing banning system (1st ban 2 weeks, 2nd ban permanent), if they come back after 2 weeks, how fair is it for them to keep the title? Correct me if I am wrong and if GF team is already doing it(removing titles) or at least planning it, I am just a concerned player here trying to figure some things out.

    Nonetheless, to end my essay, I am just trying to reach out for the developer and community team in order to make the most fair decision while punishing exploiters and making sure they let their players know that they care and exploits will not be tolerated. As we have maintenance coming in soon, it would be the best opportunity to fix things up while servers are down.

  • Not gonna share or make any details public, already talked to some people who has access of testing stuff out. This thread was not meant to me proving out whenever someone was cheating or not, and GF already aware of them exploiting otherwise people wouldn't be banned.

  • There was/is a way to level up from 65 to 70 in around 3-4 hours. Sadly a LOT of people used it, some got banned and some not.

    It's not emblem bug, the exploit I am talking about is strictly connected to leveling.