Latency/Routing Issue?

  • Hello.

    Since Friday, me and several other players (mostly german ones) have had massive ping spikes especially during afternoon and evening hours in TERA, even though normal ping is usually low. This problem also perists ONLY with the game itself, not the website or any other online based games or other websites.

    So far, from the players I asked, most had Telekom, some of them Kabel Deutschland as their ISP, and the problem is not limited to just one server, but all of them, so a routing issue isn't out of the question.

    That being said, I wanted to ask has anyone else encountered similar issues since Friday? Especially players from outside Germany? Because it is becoming increasingly annoying to be unable to run Bahaar properly because you only see the boss do half its animations, and it would be good to know if it is a problem on behalf of the ISP's or Gameforge themselves.

    I'd love to hear if anyone else has been having any issues,





  • Same here, Italy. Since last Thursday ping spikes at random hours every day,

    Reading from TERA discord I wans't the only one.

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  • All started when their guardian missions event hit the servers last week.

    When guardian missions were introduced a while ago, the same laggy situation took place and I think it's because to many ppl are doing them at the same time.

    Yes Gameforge...get a better server...NOW!

  • hm, I didn't feel anything lag related and no-one I usually play with had any issues either (as far as I know).

    So again not a global issue.

  • we're not the only ones now?? welcome to the life of the grate ISP ORANGE users

    may you all be blessed with random ping spikes, desyncs and disconnects :elin1:

  • Since they activated the recent Guardian Mission EXP increase Event, i started to have extreme Ping Issues again.

    The problem after the last event back then was that the Ping spikes etc had stayed until the next maintenance, i hope it wont take this long now / you wont activate this specific Event again because its impossible to run an instance, in which you see only half of the animations of a boss - atleast for me.

    Anyone with the same issues here?