the issue with the new field bosses

  • I'm pretty sure whatever remains of killian's population is getting real tired of seeing the same 3 people from one guild ethically kill every single one of these by magically porting in when it's nearly dead, so here's an idea: person who scores the last hit also receives an X* hour debuff preventing them from doing ANY damage to field bosses

    because it's super fun to see the same exploiter conveniently pop brooch, steroid and their hardest hitting skill followed by the boss dying

    or just disable some apex skills near the field boss

    * - 6-24

  • Don't they have a hit-based HP like these bees a while ago? afaik it doesn't matter if the last hit deals 1 dmg or 50.000.000 dmg, just has to be the last of (it feels like) 1 billion hits. So it is pretty much based on your HPS and luck if you get the reward.

  • If that was the case, you'd see plenty of people spam autoattack and not use their nukes, doesn't explain the "porting just before it's dead" part either

  • Field bosses were made for exploiters and giant burst classes (reaper/ninja/zerker). Since I'm none of them I just stay away for it and you should do the same.

    Your ideia is actually decent, but It won't solve the problem, since they can have it again after x hours with their "legal" ways. Have a better one: delete that "functionality" from the game, since it only impacts 0,01% of the game population, and do something rewarding that actually requires team coordination.

  • ♦ Inbefor warned ♦

    ♦ Like it Or Leave it & since the proxy kinda Allowed in EU secretwalls.. there is a proxy module allow you to see the New World boss HP % & a side of the hits the boss taking

    - i know about Who your talking & i saw them spawning Front of My group 10 seconds befor the boss die ♦

    Good Luck playing in a game has No Rules

    Edit : stop ignoring your community ... we are trying to have fun & to enjoy the game that we love and that your destroying without 0 ideas

    ♠ Dropout Manager

  • This is the most non MMORPG mechanic ever... I don't get these thinks... Wanna play with your frends? Too bad only one of you will get the reward...

    Easy to explain. Devs never EVER play the actual game. Or test things. Happens a lot, specially when the only thing you need to be worried about is to keep creating monetizable content.

    And events? for the love of me i did stop participating in 99,9% of the events of Tera because they are completely garbaje. And the ones that are not totally terrible have incredibly stupid rewards. As clear as that. But people love to participate in events, even if they are completely pointless. .. they cant help emselves

  • Welp since that shit was made public and everyone can use it...not rly worth even going there. It's pretty obvious that a certain group of ppl use that shit but as usual wouldn't expect them to get punished for it.

    DPS Tier-List (No Idea about LvL 70 Patch but just gonna guess)

    Top-Tier: Reaper/Valkyrie
    Mid-Tier: Archer/Berserker/Sorc/Warrior
    Low-Tier: Slayer/Ninja/Gunner

    Zerk tl;dr from Tobthekingx

  • I tried it one time. Never went there again.

    Apart from the horrible lag the chance to do the last hit is most likely 1/100?!

    It's just a waste of time.

    Still wondering who is inventing stuff like this.

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  • If you are having problems with people using healthhacks on these bosses, report them, hopefully its detectable.
    we are having same issue on Mystel, same guild getting 6+ bosses a day.