Add Advancement/Optimization Scrolls as GRP loot in dungeons

  • I don't know how often we should mention about this problem but we have enough rng in tera already.

    Please add advancement and optimizations scrolls as GRP LOOT.

    It's not fair if you do the same job as everyone else to not get the scroll just because of dice rng.

    We need a mass of those scrolls so make it possible and fair to everyone.

    Thanks for reading.

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  • lol, again, not gonna happen. They do that on purpose precisely to make more sells on the store. The rng on Tera is not really rng, there is always a fixed percentaje of failure. . . But if you dont know this by now...

  • This publisher don't care for feedback. It's not worth to sugggest any improvement. And if they do they add an useless Elin Event where you get 50 Elleons Token and a random reward like chance to get 10 scrolls along with more Elleons Token and useless Dyad Structures