Avatar weapons lvl 60-64

  • today i moved the char from classic server and leveled two characters from lvl 60-65 none single avatar weapon motes were completed, i start getting lvl 62 ones before i complete the lvl 60's and same with 64 one

    Long->short; u have to go from lvl 58 to 65 with a weapon lvl 58

  • Same for me, I'm at the end of lv 62rn,only got 7shards out of the 8 needed for lv.60 avatar weapon, no 62 shard yet. It makes the lvling up to 65 unnecessary longer...

    Unless it's a way to prepare us for the long path to lv.70 O.o

  • Same here. Avatar relics might be bugged after patch 80 release.... By the way, I saw in the Classic Tera Shop, a scroll which levels you up from 60 to 61 only and it should be to lvl 65 to be realistic. Why is that? I see it useless. I bet that many people will not waste 20 CT for that.

  • Still the same issues, can't get an avatar weapon after the lvl 58 one
    so leveling from 60 to 65 is kinda painful and takes way longer
    a few avatar pieces drop, but you never get enough for the weapon
    the price for some pieces (i'm not even sure if it would be the correct one) at the vanguard merchants, are too high, and not reachable without the zone quests at lower level anymore :elin12:

    did someone find a workaround for that, or just gotta live with the lvl 58 weapon? :elin11:

  • To all of you wondering how to grind faster 60 to 65, go into Ebon Tower, 64-65 takes literally less than 4 clears and a run takes maybe ~6-7minutes if you're on the slow end. The level 58 avatar weapon will still take full effect for the dungeon and when you hit level 65 you'll get your Guardian Gear anyways.