Broker Fee

  • People who have gold are abusing the broker and have 0 f*** given about the fees. and who gets the penalty? average gold owner players ofc. TBH the fee thingy is complete bullshit. You already PAY to have tera club that used to remove the fee as the tera club owners are considered VIP players cause all of the exclusive items of the TC. Now the VIP player that SPEND ACTUAL MONEY on this game share the fee (even tho it's less) like the normal player who didnt pay a sing penny. but what is the use of having a tera club now? i mean more coins? more entrys to the dung? crystalbind + nostrum? faster crafting? NO THANK YOU. I'd rather farm with alts.

    I aint paying anymore for that as these things are available anyway and cost nothing. and for the crafting, u can put it while u watch something. this is so dumb i can't just believe the state of the game rn.

    all we are getting is recycled dungs from 4 years ago, RNG drop sucks. enchanting cost + cost of materials is so expensive because of broker campers. this is way too much. Instead focus on IMPROVING THE GAME AND NOT RUIN IT.

  • Just stupid concept, remove trade broker fee and problem is solved.

    Stop finding excuses, it's a shit change and should be removed.

    The concept is not stupid, the execution is.

    Broker Fees are a common concept in mmorpgs, however, usually they only apply AFTER a item is sold, not when its listed.

  • is it fixed or dead game?

    Of course it's not fixed.

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  • Friendly reminder that this is still a problem.


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