Broker Fee

  • Ok so, people like me playing only pvp and making money with TB can actually remove all their items from it since now we have to spend money even for that...

    TC never had fee and that was literally the only reason for ppl like me to get it... Now i have like 5 pages of items on 6 different characters i cannot sell on TB because they are way too expansive and i'd lose all my money by putting them on TB since i probably sell 1 item every week on Killian....

    Explain me how this is helping Tera economy since we have to pay a ton of money to make pvp gear in terms of gold already (now we gonna need even more gold for the new stuffs coming with this patch like skills, relics etc etc) and we clearly don't have in-game a good source for pure gold.... Just to make it nicer now u even added this shit fee ruining the TB... Like, WTF?

    This is not helping the game, it's killing it... Literally every single decision u took in the last few months ruined this game more and more... WAKE UP

  • Since Bluehole wants a gold sink via the listing fee (2%) which is terrible because you cant adjust prices or if no one buys the item(s) its just lost gold, I think its better to shift the 2% tax onto item sold only as a fairer way of selling items. Thoughts?

  • Agreed. I play pve and i'm barely making enough money to enchant my gear. I bought TC for the one sole reason of being able to freely manouver my listings at the broker. Now it doesnt make any sense because the only way you should sell or buy anything is by announcing it and trading with another person. Which takes a lot of time and makes it more difficult. Trade Broker is supposed to make things easier not harder.

    This is a bad change.

  • I totally agree. I used TC mostly because of the no TB Fees.

    Pls change this back. Otherwise many of us wont have a reason to purchase your Membership.


    for example im putting 842k gold worth of items in broker per week or so.

    With tera club its only 2% fee instead of 5% without tera club.

    17k gold fee instead of 42k gold fee

    I think its good for 2% fee. Prevents spammers from taking shit out of broker and re-listing it in the broker 1 bronze coin less, just to be placed on top. I mean it, good stuff gameforge, a really good change.

    If they kept tc members at 5% fee i wouldnt use tc. but they didnt. they have considered a lot so quiet down the tantrums

    go make use of selling the daily 50 gold fish with tera club. thats an extra 25k gold a day.

    If you are selling 5-30 million worth of items, that means about 600k per 7 days
    you are rich in game so 600k fee is nothing. P2W is having it too free, so good.

    im gona say it once. If you want to own gold like its P2W, you are in abundance so what are you complaining about.

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  • Sure, average price of my items is 400-500k so i have to spend 10k for every single item i put on TB... Problem is: i have 5 pages of TB items on 6 different characters... Make your maths and you will understand this fee is completely bullshit.

    Now people like me are forced to remove their items from TB because it's absolutely insane to even consider the option of paying 10k for every single item...

    Now matter what you saying up here, this is gonna kill the Economy in-game, expecially on servers that are ALREADY dying like Killian...

  • The fee does seem silly, and makes ZERO commercial sense. It works to reduce game revenue to the publishers and devs.

    I suspect they want to fight gold inflation (high paying dungeons got easier to do, so more people will have gold), but the fee was also the reason why many had TC in the first place.

    Let us see if a sharp drop in TC/Elite subscriptions makes GF and EnMasse ask BHS to change that - it already caused a severe damage to KTERA as it stands ;(

  • Is it some new feature after patch that TERA club members paying fees for listing items at Broker? I guess its some bug since on official web it's mentioned that VIP status at the broker should be tax free , so can you fix it asap please?

  • +1 to TC cancellation. broker fee was one of the biggest reasons i was paying for it, now since i wont have it there is no reason to spend my money. Why do GF have to keep fuking up and destroying already dying game?

  • I agree this new fee is just stupid. I have so many fashion items that i want to sell and it just doesnt make sense anymore to list them at the TB.

    Fashion doesnt sell within a Week, even if there is just one item of it. I see myself listing the samesmartbox or weapon skin 3, 5 or even more times which makes it absolutely worthless to list them at all with this new "feature".

    One of the major reason why i boughtTC was always for the TB benefits. I dont see myself spending 300k gold/12€ on it in the future now that it doesnt make sense anymore to use the TB.

    I hope they overthink the 2% listing fee again and remove it. Isnt this new 10% fee we are paying when we buy items enough of a gold sink already especially with all the new upgrading ect...

  • THIS IS BETTER BE SOME KIND OF MISTAKE and they fix it quick. Cuz on the website it is advertised as "COMPLETLY TAX FREE" NOw not only thers is tax to list things but also to buy stuff. IS ITS A SCAM GAME FORGE??? SHOULD WE ALL TAKE LEGAL ACTIONS AGAINST YOU?????????????????????

  • 100% agree I don't see any reason right now to spend on TC.

    The only real advantage club members had was the 0% fees for listing items on the trade broker.

    Purchasing fees are also a huge inconvenience...

    I mean why have a trade broker if I'm gonna end up whispering someone to do a personal trade

    Cancelling my membership rn........