Merge Killian and Mystel

  • I joined server Killian long time ago, when the old Fraya as close to die, and mostly PVE ppl that were able to speak english were on Killian. I did my first DS kill on Killian. I never felt the different between PVE and PVP servers xD As pve, when you dont do things, you can stay afk in Velika, like always in Higwatch,

    I see the evolution of EN servers since game was P2P: Is kinda useless now have a pve and a pvp servers, because population is not even that much like were before, and, if you really do PVE and not only slack in Hw, you cant feel the difference betweens PVE and PVP server. I remember when Killian was the most loved server.. now Gameforge doesnt care at all.

    I tried to log in the game after 2 years of wuit, but, again, when I see the desolation of the server, I just log out. And I used to have Tera Club 24/7 xD. But, well, Bluehole doesnt even tried to make a new zone for level up, we are still stucked with the popo and reaper npc around, Why should I think that publisher will care about players needs, after all this years of fails from the Bluehole? :3

    I still miss masterwork and +12 as max level. Regents and VM1 were so close and game was funny. UP EVOLUTION UP AND EVOLUTION UNTIL YOU DIE! And no ppl around you in the server x)

  • I'd say there are about 3 more months before Tera Eu closes down if nothing changes. Let's be very generous and double numbers below considering non steam users, thats peak of 200~ per server but really way less. It starts looking like private server.

    Killian is empty, can we have merge already instead of this "forwarded" thing that does nothing ?

  • I'm a new Tera player and I started playing in Killian due to my other friends being there for a while, but this server is in a sad state.

    I'm in absolute love with the game, have played many MMOs in the past like like WOW, BDO, Lineage2, Aion, FF14, Silk Road and many more, Tera definitely has something very special and neat going on that other games do not have.

    This merge would only improve things even further, it has to happen. GAMEFORGE PLEASE. :stick:

  • This is just the thing I noticed, currently you can't even try to get back to the game as a Killian player.

    DarKNovA on Killian

    Darknovamoon - Zerk 453
    Darknovafer - Reaper 445
    Darknovael - Reaper 441
    Darknovasun - Slayer 448
    Darknovako - Warrior 444
    Darknovangel - Mystic 441
    Dark.Nova - Ninja 443
    Darknova - Brawler 442
    Darknovafist - Brawler 441
    Darknovapie - Sorceress 441
    Darknovamark - Archer 443
    Darknovasteel - Lancer 441
    Darknovalkyrie - Valkyrie 441

  • Threads merged, please stop making threads about the same argument.

    As usual, when there will be any news regarding this topic, we'll let you know.

    As usual, there is no news. There haven't been news for more than half year, of course people are tired of it.

    Killian is empty, can we have merge already instead of this "forwarded" thing that does nothing ?

  • Im not saying im happy with the current situation but at least we know killian will get merged with mystel someday.

    Im not sure about yurian and seren future and for sure they have population problems.

    The worst thing is the extra drama you have to deal everyday even with your friends because of low community.

    Adventure coins just was the last nail in the coffin for that.

    And guess what Gameforge !!!!!!!!.... Drama makes people stop playing more often than buying transfer vouchers.

    <3KILLIAN RIP. 2018<3

    Hello people, our Server is starting recruitment

    We are looking for ppl that are familiar with endgame content..........

    ....... like fishing / Basilsks / dailies / Catacombs / Afk Highwatch / Tera shop / selling items on LFG.

  • I was referring to the current situation, taking all things into consideration, how much would a server merge help now?

    As for myself, I firmly believe that several issues must be addressed that are impossible to solve in the very near future (I want a solution and I want it now) and this could be a turning point for the community, we will see in which direction it goes.