PvP Rewards + Gearing

  • If this is event is the same as the PvE Enchant Event there was a 50% chance for SC Gear

    Which was 30% + (30* 0,5%)15%= 45%

    So i guess the second option most likely.

    So it will be useless

  • I love the mentality of "everything that is not OP is useless" ^^

    It's something. It may not be enough, but it is more than nothing and you guys should atleast be grateful about that super little thing you get there.

    You might as well get the usual "nothing" instead.

    Make a respectful post with feedback if you want to constructively criticize the usefulness of the event..

    With this kind of disrespectful attitude we are not getting anywhere.

    Or you can word your concerns the way you do it,

    So it will be useless

    to say it with your words.

    You asked for a car and now get upset it's not a Ferrari. Yes, it might be missing a tire and rusty here and there BUT IT IS SOMETHING to improve upon.

    SMH, the audacity of some people.. event hasn't hit live yet, already complaining about how useless it is.

  • Why people are upset?

    Maybe as i already told it in many different threads

    Temporary Events solve NOTHING,


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  • https://en.tera.gameforge.com/news/detail/event-pvp-power-up

    Thank you very much!

    But please! Dont forget to repeat this event every few weeks/months! One time only won't be enough to help all the players!

    Probably a single one of these events is not gonna be enough for the players to fix their gear properly...
    They definitely should give us more of these events to try to compensate for this horrible enchant system... Not mentioning if the majority of the community will make his gear +9 matches will be at least more balanced probably.

  • Adding rng rewards for pvp is bullsh!t.What i got from both event is veteran fragment box which i dont need it.My every piece is +6 and have over than 2k azure and violet particile which means i need goddamn plates for trying upgrade.Basically this event is another rng fest and trash.

    There must be option for them.You could click what u want and get it.Isn't it simple seriously?

  • Wasted all of my plates with increased enchanting chance from the event and ended up with +6 damaged Weapon and Chest, AGAIN.

    I'm at 1500 Games with a 82% Winrate overall = over 8000 Plate-Boxes which give roughly 3-4 plates on average and my gear is still not done. Not even close.

    Dont really know what to say anymore but its just sad, nothing else...just fking depressing. How could anyone think this kind of system is somewhat fair for their players, I dont know?

    DPS Tier-List (No Idea about LvL 70 Patch but just gonna guess)

    Top-Tier: Reaper/Valkyrie
    Mid-Tier: Archer/Berserker/Sorc/Warrior
    Low-Tier: Slayer/Ninja/Gunner

    Zerk tl;dr from Tobthekingx

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  • This Event is a joke or not working. If you increase chance by 50% from parts which have success rate by like 5% you will have 7,5%... Good joke gameforge.

    I throwed away 1mio Gold and 2k plates, reached nothing.

  • We need this event to be like permanent at least or have some new events really soon with a higher % of enchant success... Many people reached several +9 but still soooooo many didn't achieve anything and wasted a lot of money in this event...

    This is still not enough.

    P.S. I wanna give my opinion about the % of enchant btw... I don't see any reason why the def pieces are 50% and the weapons only 30%... Tbh i think it should have been the same considering weapon is ALREADY more expensive to make it than the def pieces... It couldn't seem like that but the difference between that 30% and the 50% on them is something i definitely felt.

    Imo that wasn't a good idea even if like this more ppl are gonna be tankier inside sh compared than before and prolly matches are gonna be more balanced for now.

  • Welp

    1. When is the next event planned?

    2. Weapon should definitely have an increased chance of +50% aswell (in my opinion even more cuz its by far the most expensive one tbh)

    3. my luck sucks as usual and I didnt benefit from the event so yeah ty tera - I know a bunch of people that have 2-3 chars full +9 but guess I didnt put enough effort into this game to deserve at least my main char full +9 :elin32::elin32::elin32::elin32::elin32::elin32:

    DPS Tier-List (No Idea about LvL 70 Patch but just gonna guess)

    Top-Tier: Reaper/Valkyrie
    Mid-Tier: Archer/Berserker/Sorc/Warrior
    Low-Tier: Slayer/Ninja/Gunner

    Zerk tl;dr from Tobthekingx

  • How about a permanen Solution? Nah that's too easy and too many people would benefit from it because it's much funnier to announce something 2 days before where most people aren't even prepared.

    But as usual Gameforge isn't allowed even though we got adjusted enchanting cost in the past (less VM enchanting cost). I mean we got delayed Talentsystem because BHS didn't want to give us the grind. Yet the released the worst grind ever.

    BHS logic

  • Don't know if I should thank you for the event or curse you.

    My reaper had weapon +8 and rest +7 before the event, now after farming corsair on 3 cars 2 times and shore on reaper for the whole event, I ended with weapon +6, 2 +7 and gloves +6 after wasting 400 blue and purple plates.

    So I thank you for showing us how ridiculous is the upgrade of the pvp gear even with +30% and +50% succes. And I curse you, cause without the event my reaper would still have decent gear.

    I really pity players who only pvp cause their lifes are filled with so much failed, downgrades and disapointments and RNG (you know, landing in the good team in BG ...).

    Until you come with an even increased success in pvp gear enchantement I guess I won't do anything else than CU for pvp, as it is the only kind of pvp that is rewarding and not locked behind luck.

    A disapointed player paying customer.

    Give us talents as passives or at least give regions outside of Korea a proper class balance.

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