Sorc PoP

  • Hi

    I have a sorc 441, Frostmetal 0 and daylight accessories, tier 3 etchings from IoD, all glyphs etc. I have a valk, priest and gunner too and don't have any problem with Pit of Petrax on them (all have hp regen abilities though). I struggle a bit on the sorc in that I have to use a valk health pot (you can't buy these in game can you?) most of the time, I just take too much damage. I save my mana shield for when the red balls stop dropping (don't last as long on the ground now), but it doesn't last long, I have tried kiting him but he always seems to get sneaky hits on me that take a load of damage and it makes the fight last ages, most of the time I'm not getting hit by his fire attack, but often get some sort of debuff that eats my health.

    Anyone have any tips?

  • Yes, delete your sorc!

    On a serious note tho, sorc is probably THE class when it comes to defensive kits (excluding blocking/tanking classes obviously). I hope i don‘t have to explain how iframes (backstep/jaunt) and CCs (stun/sleep/rng staggers/kds) work, use them. Also you‘re a sorc so don‘t kiss the bam, duh.

  • actually, DO kiss the bam. the less distance you have the easier it gets to perform the best defense: using your iframes (and glacial) through the boss. cause that means the boss has to turn 180° towards you which takes a lot of time, giving you precious time to reload your cooldowns for survivability AND also moar damage