Thoughts on Ninjas in PvE and PvP?

  • Would love to test that but I haven't made it yet - only lvl 67(50%).


    I'm more curious about the new critcap -

    Power or Crit Halidoms/Relicts?

    Guess I'll go half+half or full power...

  • I went full power... The ratio is better, skyfall Tal is going to give us 40 crt rate and BH Tal 10% crt rate... With Lamb I've already +340 for priest with lvl2 acc etching and power vyrks, and I feel pretty fine with that.

    Probably when you reach max level on both of them you can even switch 1 or 2 Jewels to power too... The problem is reaching 180 skill exp tho 🤔

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  • Isn't the additional chi recovery good? You can shoot more BH during the recovery (Maybe 1 - 2 extra projectiles).

    I.e > stack 500 Chi > get 500 chi instant for using Atunement > 1000 Chi > Use BH > during shooting BH you regenerate 50 Chi per second so u may shoot more projectile before you are out of Chi.

    Doesnt work

    just tried.

    module.exports = function Teraisshitpleaseuninstall °-°