Response to Classic Server Patch Notes

  • Hi,

    It’s Kirino again here. Just want to say a huge thank you for the patch notes(Not sure if you listened to the post I asked sirgoulas to make or if you were already planning some of the changes). However, I just wanted to ask for clarification on the following points and what you are/can do to address it.

    1. Semi Enigmatic Scrolls and Complete Crystalbinds– What are the ways to gain these besides through the Tera Club? Could you perhaps add these through other means from both PvE and PvP

    2. Weekly Reputation “Credits” Cap – You didn’t address whether you have increased/removed this limit. I understand you allowed an increased amount of 40 daily quests however you have not talked about the weekly “credits” cap in relation to bellicarium 20k credits per week

    3. Prices of Items from Reputation Credit Vendors (Noctenium Society, Bellicarium, Killing Spree) – You said that everyone will start with Neutral reputation among all factions which is good. However, how about the actual rate we received “credits” and not reputation? (Mainly for alliance aka noctenium society credits) – I know you mentioned a change within Bellicarium and Killing Spree Stores but how about the other vendors?

    • Would you be increasing the rate we receive “credits” or would you be reducing the price of items in all vendors
    • The reason I say this is because gear like vm2 and vm3 will require a HUGE amount of “credits” and if the recipes are being delayed for a few weeks then it will be IMPOSSIBLE to acquire vm2 and vm3 pvp gear within the server timeframe if we don’t get at least a huge increase in the amount of “credits” we get or the prices on the vendors are hugely reduced?

    4. BG Reward Boxes – Would you be able to clarify the wording on this section. “1x Victor’s Box for every 4 rounds won – 1x Challenger’s Box for every 4 rounds lost”

    • Does this mean that to benefit from these boxes we have to either get 4 straight losses (L/L/L/L) and 4 straight wins (W/W/W/W)?
    • If it is as I described above – What would happen for people who win 2 and lose 2 (W/L/W/L). Would they get any prizes at all?
    • I would suggest possibly increased those amounts to maybe 3x Victor’s Box and 3 x Challenger Box
    • And then possibly giving x1 Victor’s box per WIN and x1 Challenger’s box per LOSS

    5. Bloodrave Gear (Killing Spree Vendor) – I’m guessing you haven’t changed the way to obtain this? The fear I have is not enough people queuing skyring to allow people to even obtain this

    gear. Would you be able to do something to maybe combat this from happening else no one will be able to gain it as it was before?

    • Maybe you could lower the rating requirement? I’m not too sure there will be enough people and teams for people to gain the high rating as matches will not pop once your team average is more than 200 than the other teams in queue – there may not be anyone who reaches high enough

    Other than that, everything else seems amazing and I am looking forward to it! I will try stream and/or record as much as possible so I can keep vids for nostalgia sake.

    Many thanks,

  • Increased experience by 200% (does it apply to CS)? And tbh... CS exp. was low (except daily quest). Would need way higher boost.

  • As far as i remember, the 4win/lose box wasnt for 4 in a row, you could have do w - l - l - w - w - l - w -l and still get the boxes at the 4th w or l.

  • Hey there!

    As I've written in another thread, setting up this Classic Server and all the required modifications did result in quite a bit of looking through what we have and what we need to change, so most of the things in the released patchnotes were already defined some time ago.

    Unfortunately, with it going live on Tuesday, there won't be any time to make meaningful additional changes, so while I'll definitely keep an eye on a few of your quoted things (especially in regards to PvP Crafted gear, which is a known potential worry point), changes to be made BEFORE the release won't be happening. But we've already got various other changes planned on a weekly basis (EXP, Loot, NPC Difficulty), so adding in some balancing tweaks after 1-2 weeks of this being live can definitely be evaluated.

    To answer some of your points that I can answer now from home (no access to my files to double-check):

    Increased experience by 200% (does it apply to CS)? And tbh... CS exp. was low (except daily quest). Would need way higher boost.

    The increased XP is counted on monsters only I fear - I'll have a look if we can increase that Quest EXP accordingly, though for the launch it might be too tight.

  • Quest EXP was always fine. But you get it only once per day.

    Meanwhile we will get EXP for playing CS as well. And this could use a major boost.

    I personally leveled to 65 countless times via dungeons... and its getting repetitive. Hopefully is possible to boost exp. gained while playing CS as level 30-59.

    Or make quest repeatable... but I imagine that is not an option, since you get Sea Chest as reward.

  • Are the Level 60 Avatarweapons on the Classic Server?
    It wouldn´t make any sense, cause the Dungeons won´t be a challenge anymore.

    I think we already had the avatar weapons at vm3 time. I'm sorry for you. I just hope nexus is not at 8 pm :C

  • Hmm, are we getting additional character slots for when the server is over?
    I'm full over here, so can't really transfer even with the server change voucher.

    DarKNovA on Killian

    Darknovamoon - Zerk 453
    Darknovafer - Reaper 445
    Darknovael - Reaper 441
    Darknovasun - Slayer 448
    Darknovako - Warrior 444
    Darknovangel - Mystic 441
    Dark.Nova - Ninja 443
    Darknova - Brawler 442
    Darknovafist - Brawler 441
    Darknovapie - Sorceress 441
    Darknovamark - Archer 443
    Darknovasteel - Lancer 441
    Darknovalkyrie - Valkyrie 441

  • Yes we had avatar weapon but not a level 60 Version. This Weapon was introduced at Level 65 Cap Increase.

    I think we get Lv 60 Avatarweapons ...

    Forward to the past – On 12th February 2019, we’re opening the temporary Classic Server.

    Go on a journey back in time to 23rd July 2014, where the challenges of patch 27 await you!

    And here is an excerpt from the original Patchnotes 23rd July 2014:

    Avatar weapons

    New avatar weapons have been added for levels 58-60.
    Tier 12 weapons can now be enchanted with Godly Alkahest.

    Full Patchnotes:

    Patch notes - TERA Rising (2014)

    Or am I wrong?