Beginner's guide

  • First and foremost:

    Cienne , thank you very much, it's great to hear your work is appreciated! Also EP = Talents, they're just called otherwise in my guide!


    I am working on reworking some parts of this guide, since with the new patch, (which is utterly retarded), there are a few things to be changed and added, like infusion, the dungeon entries and vg's etc.

    Sorry for so long silence, but I got a real life that took a lot of my time, will be back into it soon! Stay tuned~~

    Semi-good Warrior. Idk. Ask me anything.

    Main: Erpiez
    Warr alts: Kittieez, Trashiez, Weak
    Mystic: Nexile
    Zerk: Ahriza
    Archer: Zeltoni
    Sorc: Datella
    Lancers: Stupidlancer, Luna
    Reaper: Shennie, Blue

    Priest: Subtenmanacharge

    Only relevant chars honestly.

    Warrior guide

    Beginner's Guide