looking for active mid/big guild

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  • Hi,

    I'm coming back after some time, sorcerer, have storm gear +5, but I'm new in this content, so just exploring new dungeons,

    - my old guild is inactive, looking for some new, big one, where is enough players to run daily dungeons, pvp maybe (pvp gear +3 only this new one)

    - I play daily, but still not feeling for static, good guild will be nice for beginning

    - Im collecting this new talents,

    (I can join ts/discord for dungeons, cs, and other events)

    let me please know if you have place in your english speaking international Mystel guild,

  • old guild is inactive, looking for some new, big one, where is enough players to run daily dungeons

    We all want that.
    A big active guild where people run enough dungeons on a daily basis that we would actually have people to play with.
    I think this dream is shared all across this "community" and I'm sorry to say but you will most likely have to fill a friendslist with enough people from different guilds to ever come close to that in this age.
    A big guild, without too many statics that take away players from the pool of "daily dungeon running" people, that is also not completely stuck on the lowest of all tiers of content, is really rare to find and I wish you the very best of luck and success to actually get what you ask for.

  • Firstly, thank you for your wish in the end, I hope I will find something :D

    Middle sized guild is also enough :D I don't know, how big the population on Mystel is right now, I just want to avoid to join guilds like - Tomato is recruiting! all active players are welcome! we are focused on pvp and pve too! international and english speaking!

    - and when you ask at 8PM CET - how many players do you have online?

    - 3

    - and levels?

    - 16, 32 and one 65 alt

    that's why I looking for mid/big guild. Is 15 players on evening online big or mid? I don't know, but its not small with actual population I think.