Make classic server permanent >:(

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  • I'm still checking out the current server, but my suspicion is that you can't really have a proper classic experience wIth the BAM nerf, avatar weapons already in place, those 3 eras of content and all that.

    If they would make this server permanent then I would absolutely not support it. If it was 2012 p2p content or right after the game went f2p back in early 2013 then I would be thrilled to have a classic server like that.

    But as it stands I don't think Gameforge or Bluehole quite understand what the old veteran players want to see considering how they picked this completly unrepresentative version of tera and claimed it to be the "classic" experience - quite frankly I think vm3 was the single worst content in Tera's history.

    I mean, the patch notes already showed that they didn't know what they were talking about. 20% hp and damage buff on vm2 + 3 content making vm1 "the first equipment to aim for", completly ignoring that most people who had vm2 back then couldn't clear mchm and just bought their equipment.

    Perhabs the current "classic hype" due to WoW doing their legacy version will inspire Bluehole to make a proper classic version of Tera to benefit from the hype and counter the decline of this games playerbase a bit, but I am definitely not confident in this happening.