Make classic server permanent >:(

  • liedy create then but the problem is not creating thread or something.The problem is there is huge ignore against us by gameforge staffs also itself.

    I asked for account removal,they are asking tons of shit for making it.Basically i cant control my account without their permission.They asking "when did i create this account,which code did i redeemed,what i bought" etc. the questions that are absolutely i dont remember.Which means impossible to know and get account removal lol.

    There was many discussion about how the game is going on and what players need.Suggested huge amount of ideas,opinions which are never get serious by gameforge.Told them many times to talk with BHS and say them "eu is not asian people who loves cartoonish things like kumaslym,tank wars, and MUCH PVE and ENDLESS GRIND.

    They didnt take it serious.What i know is eu and na people are interested in PVP thats why they are choosing bad graphics-good pvp games everytime.Cause eu and na didnt reach their levels about making graphically good games yet but they are always focusing pvp more (some of them didnt and as u see they are loosing people everytime with their pve focused updates and endless grind).

    Tera was and is still best pvp mechanics but in 2012-2014 era.Not like today.Currently an imbecile guy can kill anyone with blindly pushing buttons.Thats all i see in newest tera version.Talents,awakened things,+15 weapons,op crystals,op classes etc etc.

    They could fix it since 2014 but still they are not caring.I dont know how gameforge handle this game with this population.I dont believe they are making profit from tera.Cause its already dead and much worst than 2015-16.Maybe some whales are sinking gold for nothing.

    What i like in classic version was:
    1-More balanced gameplay without new hurrr durrr classes (ninja,reaper,valkry,gunner)
    2-The game was hard but it was fun.
    3-Mwa's and other goods were not easy but foundable.
    4-Bg's were more active and people were really interested in pvp.
    5-The game was more competetive if u compare latest version of tera.
    6-Vanarch was nice thing cause it means guilds needed most of the players for winning it.Also it means,getting new players in to the guild and teach them,level up them for future elections.
    7-Nexus was the best way tyo get second best pve gear (not crafting paper,you can obtain your gear directly with ur credits)
    8-Manaya HM was the best dungeon i have ever seen in this game.Rest depends on gear nearly.Mchm needs brain current ones need gear,etchings,talents etc.
    9-There was only 2 bg type.1 of them is fwc 15 man the other one is 3v3.These are more than enough.Corsair could be but rest are joke.
    10-The things are hard to get but not impossible.Also you dont need end game gear for compete with others.For example Conjunt gear can compete with bloodrave gear.Also with vm1.There was no huge difference beetween these sets.Also the guy who have agnitor set can do mchm too.
    11-Level up gear was not like this.Currenlty its just waste of money and RNG as always.
    12-There was no rng boxes on tera shop.You can buy whatever you want "mounts-shirts-dresses and rest" without using your luck.They were direct obtainable.

    So what u prefer?Current rng and gear based latest tera version or the older one ?

    I'm hearing that most of u saying "Older one".

    But still,they never cares.

  • hmm, laggy battles with an absurd amount of players and animations being clunky as hell? yeap, im pretty sure thats what ppl want. lol.

  • @Isorel
    ... because it's better to keep new players than older ones. Business is business.

    Till a point where it's almost needed to make a Classic server to regain some population and interest.

    (I know each point you mentioned since I participated in everything except the 3v3 I was more pve oriented).

    But as far as I can read, the execution seems not corresponding into what we 'older' players want. I'm for a permanent one, but seeing how they want to bring the 2014 version of Tera... I feel it's better to leave it as a 1month life time. Just because we know how Tera changed and with the Reaper patch, everything went into the wrong direction ( aka : the direction they wanted, not us ).

    So... while I'm here to talk a little as a vet, I regret the choice of a 2014 "classic" as much as you. I'll simply play, talk to my friend to come back too, before we disappear again.

    If GF wants to keep players like me in Tera, they should go back to their 2012 version, make it permanent, improve the bugged pve and pvp parts of the game, and no need to evolve it into what we have currently, but differently. It is ... a big amount of work and money I suppose to keep alive 2 versions of the game. World of Warcraft for example, will make it real. If Tera goes the same way, then yes, veteran players and certainly newcomers will enjoy a real Classic 2012 Tera.

  • hmm, laggy battles with an absurd amount of players and animations being clunky as hell? yeap, im pretty sure thats what ppl want. lol.

    lol i used to play on a BAD LAPTOP and i had to check enemies from the radar. Yes. I cant see them.


    BTW with a good pc u didnt have these problems at all.

  • hmm, laggy battles with an absurd amount of players and animations being clunky as hell? yeap, im pretty sure thats what ppl want. lol.

    yea sad that bluehole already overworked the performance and if you still play nowdays on the same PC like 2012 then i am sorry for you but tbh i think then you could never every play the current tera with all the flashy animations and co.

    and well if you talk like this about it then i just assume that you never played back then and also will never understand it so do yourself a favor and leave the thread since nuone here cares about your opinion

  • lol i used to play on a BAD LAPTOP and i had to check enemies from the radar. Yes. I cant see them.


    BTW with a good pc u didnt have these problems at all.

    You're joking right ? Even with a 5K pc you still can't have high fps in combat, gives my eyes cancer to see low fps in combat, dynamic fights btw guys.

    We'll see how your pc does during nexus, the game force change you to ugly settings, still can't see anyone and still have low fps, enjoy playing along with grey characters, that's all you gon' see.

  • Lol u really complaining about fps here ? Current tera has much fps deops in every place.

    I have 1080 gtx,i7 7700k,30 gb ram,850 watt psu,Asus rampage motherboard etc but the game was more fresh ar classic version when i had a shit pc.

    We'll see how your pc handles the old version ;) Soon.

  • I dont undestand why people say, ohhh after 1 month without new patches people will get bored etc etc

    I mean, since 2016 the only thing what i do on tera, is get in at afternoon , play some fw's, cs's 3vs3 and done, i dont care about the patch/new gear etc etc

    and like my nearly all the pvp comunity do the same, they dont care if there is new content or not.


    There u can see how much comunity is hyped about the classic server (average post have like 5 likes)

  • It made me kinda sad, that the Server is PvE.. but whatever u cant have everything i guess.
    Gonna just play till the Classic Server ends, after that im out.
    I dont like the "new" Tera.

  • I understand the frustration of PvP players wanting better content (since let's face it, doing PvP is not about fairness, or rewards for a long time now), but I don't understand why they thought this server would be somehow a Battle Royale premium PvP server.

    DarKNovA on Killian

    Darknovamoon - Zerk 453
    Darknovafer - Reaper 445
    Darknovael - Reaper 441
    Darknovasun - Slayer 448
    Darknovako - Warrior 444
    Darknovangel - Mystic 441
    Dark.Nova - Ninja 443
    Darknova - Brawler 442
    Darknovafist - Brawler 441
    Darknovapie - Sorceress 441
    Darknovamark - Archer 443
    Darknovasteel - Lancer 441
    Darknovalkyrie - Valkyrie 441

  • When have heard about classic server was so hyped and thinking to come back then have see the 6-8 weeks of duration and chose that to me wasnt enough time. GF has keep up a bunch of dead servers for years but cant keep a classic server......