Make classic server permanent >:(

  • Pve players cried since the beginning for outlaw in pve areas and they stil cry if there will be an outlaw area after killian and mystel will be merged. They even cried that much that classic server wont have outlaw (atmorphs words...) And here they say pvp player's are crying.


  • Well all this talk here is just ..... really.

    the current player cry about their comunity get splitted what ofc is a point also when ti dosn´t matter since it´s not like their servers will be dead then anyway since you run dungeons and good is and to que FW you only need 30 ppl anway and if FW is now so active then you will for sure still have 100+ ppl queing so why all this crying.

    what you guys simply don´t understand is that what the ppl who ask for a cassic server want is this.

    and not something like this.

    is this so hard to understand?

  • I don't even know how the PvErs are relevant in what's happening here, or the reason why they were brought up to begin with as if they are responsible for what we're getting.

    DarKNovA on Killian

    Darknovamoon - Zerk 453
    Darknovafer - Reaper 445
    Darknovael - Reaper 441
    Darknovasun - Slayer 448
    Darknovako - Warrior 444
    Darknovangel - Mystic 441
    Dark.Nova - Ninja 443
    Darknova - Brawler 442
    Darknovafist - Brawler 441
    Darknovapie - Sorceress 441
    Darknovamark - Archer 443
    Darknovasteel - Lancer 441
    Darknovalkyrie - Valkyrie 441

  • I kinda skipped most of the pages in this thread, yet id like to add my two cents...

    I would have prefered a classic server, which would have started at the beginning of the game back in 2012.

    This server will go live with an already nerfed content - which, lets be honest, started the downfall of the game.

    I came back here because the classic server got me excited - but im also disappointed in the way theyre handling it. Its a HUGE disappointment!

    It couldve been so much better!! Gosh, I wouldve loved to have these OP BAMs back, active pvp life and the need to act as a team or simply knowing your class. But no, most of you guys prefer to have everything handed to them on a silver plate. Thats what actually wrecked tera.

  • If you define the patch as good by bg activity then maybe so. But the main reason is not from offering something fresh. It is just by making new gear easily accessible and +7 moderately easy. Which is something that was repeatedly requested over the years: Easily attainable pvp gear through battlegrounds. It is not the new bg "shore" that is fresh that caused this. It is the gear access and the unbalanced matches in fw due to that that went away. I mean, CS is literally the same in a sense, but pops x times more per day for a reason.

    The dmg is high, way higher than before in bgs. Only reason it was high before with personal gear was cause of gear differences between players. And you still haven't experienced half of it. There are still too many skill-dmg talents that people have no points for as of now. While 1 basically endurance related one. Add to that the rng stats that proc all time from new gear. When eventually you see full +9 raid proc easily their +9 debuff on you including the other procs, I think we can come in an agreement that even from that perspective new gear is a failure as well.

    Also regarding eq gear at least in 3s, Well 2 main problems. Haven't seen any mystic, maybe for a reason... And secondly many skills do literally 50% dmg. Good ninja and warrior can literally one combo you (and ninja no need even use apex ultis). The skill cap got slightly decreased. You may get carried by your other dd if he pushed healer to 50% all you do is press 1 button and possibly won.

    I think the timing as well is bad for the event server. It would be preferable for it to be like a couple of months later. Event server up 1 month after pvp patch is up? Seems like GF doesn't even consider current patch as new. If that was the case for a new pve patch, I doubt that would be the case.

  • This server will go live with an already nerfed content - which, lets be honest, started the downfall of the game.

    I feel like I'm parroting this on all discords/forums but vm1/2 content will be balanced to not be too faceroll. The state of the classic patch 27 server will not be the same as the actual, original patch 27.

  • I totally agree with this.
    And I have the sad impression some people want to rush through the content of Tera. No I won't take them away their thirst for obtaining a VM3 under a month for the sake of "stats", and always asking for more more and more, yeah more BC creds, more EXP more treasures, more MWA more upgrade sh*t ... but honestly,
    this is ruining everything I'm expecting from the game itself.

    Of course I enjoy the feeling of achievement, but as you stated, everything handed to them on a silver plate is like the only reason they are playing Tera.

    I also thought it was a 2013 Classic server, no Reaper, (no VM3?) no Gillieglad (whatever it's written).

    It would be really great if it was a 2012-2013 Classic TERA and if they can make it happen.

  • Ok so I just tried to dl the game and it let me join? :D

    Well not inside the server, but I could still check the server name. Unfortunately, its PvE -.-"

    The server's name is Visionmaker. Its international (it was obvious) and Inside the game we can see the TERA RISING logo.

    Maybe you already knew it but I wanted to share this with the community (I feel like a detective).:S

  • Like Conflate was, right? "So easy" and look, so useless now. That's right, WAS. That IS the problem. The keyword for this entire thread is PERMANENT. Not "permanent" until next patch.

    Not to mention you got other shit now unlike in classic, like talents and a lot other power creep crap. Ruins even equalized PvP. Real PvPers are sick of farming every god damn patch.

    Immutable PvP games top the charts for a reason, but keep deluding yourself thinking this game is a "PvP" game currently. A ZvZ maybe, zombie vs zombie.

    Biggest truth of the entire thread right here guys. This is why TERA isn't successful, and this is why BDO lost a huge amount of players at each patch that made previously earned PvP gear useless.

    PvP-ers just want a fair fight, if you have to nolife/p2w for it for months only for it to be wiped by the next patch, they'll lose motivation quite fast. It's not the same as spanking BAMs in a Dungeon, you are competing against other players and it should be about your skill, not the gear.

    I've checked this latest patch in Tera, and I'm sad to see that you basically won't get a single Battleground match outside of peak hours. In which video game do you as a player,have to align to a specific timeframe to play it, instead of playing it whenever you fúcking want? From around midnight to 17-18 CET the BGs are DEAD. First two days of my "comeback" I managed to play like 4 Corsair Matches total, because I didn't log in and stay during rush hours. The game simply can't produce 40 players at any given time, and that's sad. I simply dont have the motivation to even log in for a 3rd day, seeing as how the others went.

    And then whiteknights dare to tell me (and delete my posts) that the game's not dead, when the game is literally unplayable due to the lack of players.

  • I'm going to just sit and watch Y'all lose all your hype, when you realize how different and inappropriate the game was before for actual tera players, then go back to your moongourd proxy scoring on regular servers.

    Tera was actually a casual RPG-like game, now they tried to turn it into a hardcore pve game, but you just can't make hard mechanics with tera's gameplay, gear requirements which takes 6 months of playtime doesn't make it hard, just "grindy".

    Also putting 10 000 more atq speed ( compared to old tera ) doesn't make classes hard to play, just requires you to break your keyboard with 0ms, because ofc, the skill doesn't work if you press it before your animation ends unlike other games. Skill btw

    Just play Dark souls if you want the same old gameplay, it's actually better and have better pvp too.

  • HavocRL they can make their own decision.The problem is here the old players who wants to come back but not for this stupit limited time event.

    Nobody forces the recent players to play there.They already made their decisions long time ago for playing with the new updates.

    The problem is the current playerbase of tera afraid of loosing players which is not effecting their gameplay.Cause most of them are pvers and they have a static group (means they dont need overcrowded servers) also there are tons of pve lovers who doesnt care the classic server so that means these pvers will stay in current updated tera and will never visit classic server for sure.

    TL DR:Permanent server could bring back most of the old players back.

  • We need this classic server.The bg's were more active.Also in this video tera has vm2 or vm3 i dont remember but still the game was much better than current hurrrr durrr pve updates.

    This is what i want to see as a guy WHO really cares pvp.

    Not talents,not 65-70 levels.Not new op skills,not 4654646 attack speed,not endless crits,not +15 weapons etc.

  • For me it"s not a classic server but a previous return of the game version.

    2012 game version was better , more difficult , more magic , and more CLASSIC (first nexus with dot <3) ... as well as other multiple of points i would like to tell you but my english is so poor that i'm going to shut up myself . It will be ... Without me.

    Play my sorcerer with the first skills , oh my low void pulse and my magma bomb you miss me... very much.

  • It's not like they will never make it happen again, just saying.

    And that's also good to explain why we would all prefer a 2012 server than 2014 (and it's obvious for anyone who has enjoyed the 2012-2013 content of Tera).

    The infos are getting a bit flooded in these last 6 pages, I'd rather see someone who makes a new post and explain clearly why we would want a permanent REAL 2012-2013 classic Tera over a 2014 one.

    2012 : you had to buy a copy of Tera to play. The game was a lot more difficult.

    2013 : Tera becomes free to play (ah maybe that's why they reduced the number of slots from 3 to 2... ) but the game was also pretty good in that time despite the nerf of the open world BAMs