Make classic server permanent >:(

  • If it wasn't fun back then, why is it still alive today? (And when I mean alive, I mean, still being able to ping the servers and actually play the game).
    Why does it seems to bother you this much regarding "how fun" it will be?
    I mean... You sound like a mad preacher trying to warn all these poor lambs that they will be disapointed and decieved. And when or if they say so, it seems to me that you'll say something along these lines "Yeah, I told you so. Now enjoy your sorrow..."
    I feel sorry for you... I mean... If this is your definition of fun... Be it... But you should probably keep this for yourself, because I'm not sure a lot of people like that kind of behaviour. But again, it's just my opinion.
    The game had its flaws. That's a given. But I don't believe that people will whale over a game that will be closed within a month after its released. And if they do, then be it. Don't you feel happy that they are contributing to the whole service you are given to experience for free?
    I mean... What's the point of arguing over this?
    If people get to enjoy it : Great! More people playing, more income! Everyone's happy.
    If not, well, at least people tried, and it was worth the shot. No need to cry over spilt milk...
    People telling others what to like and what to not like... And even what and how to think... In 2019... Really now... Getting old sure sucks.

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  • Sorry for replying fast again ^^

    Yeah Klaxler it's more like a private server, it's all good. I'm not sure they will want to bring back that old stuff to the new Tera, so it won't really kill what they've built since these 5 past years.

    Just take it like this : temporary server, for good old memories, they can afford to do it and let's enjoy it.

    Ah the damn exploits yeah pretty sure they will exist again but why would it be fun to do that if the server dies in a month ;)

  • That's it. It's just temporary. Not meant to stay here for ever. :)

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  • That's it. It's just temporary. Not meant to stay here for ever. :)

    Yea it is temporary .... But people requesting in THIS THREAD to make it PERMANENT .... and i just said my opionion.

    @Thread .. You can't bring back old memories by just patching it. Game was fun because you experienced NEW Stuff. Most people were shit and it was amazing to discover stuffs like charms. Dungeon feeling with parties with sharing stuff helping each other. This won't happen again. people will use Proxy and DPS Meter to bash each other. people will rush content because they are used to way harder mechanics and people know they classes by now.

    Even if this server will be fun ect. What about live Server? Pther part of community need to suffer because of this kind of stuff? I mean i get the idea and im the last person who tell someone to not try other stuff. But i already experience all content. And i can tell my opinion. There is nothing wrong telling people what they will see. Did you all never asked your best firend/parents or other people about something before you blindly do it youself?

  • Nah due to the state of the game in 2014 it's not good to let it permanent.
    If they want to bring some cool stuff from 2014 they will adapt it into the new Tera.
    Right now it won't be interesting to do what you said, all the grind shit and the exploits. Temp solution is a good solution, unless they really want to correct what went wrong and make a real Classic new server.

  • I can understand they are disapointed with the "temporary" thingy. But I'm not sure GF can wistand this move for too long. Be it because of agreements with BHS, or anything tied to it. (And let's be honest, older player probably wouldn't either, but i'll explain why...) GF has been clear. It most likely won't stay more than a month. That's the rule they fixed. Just like Cinderella only had until midnight for her fairy tale... And that's pretty much what it is... It's a fairy tale...

    It's been a long time now since TERA launched, and let's be honest, it's way beyond its former glory (and most of us, more or less, can't afford to invest as much time and or money as they used to back then), and unlikely to compete with other new game. MMO is a genre that is slowly dying and needs to be renewed in order to keep the younger generations interested in it.

    Like I said, an old friend from the past is coming to pay us a visit. The least we can do is at least greet him, and recall some old memories, until its departure. Be it for the best, and for the worst.
    The fact that it's limited makes it somehow even more memorable and enticing. Making it permanent would feel akward... It would be nice... At first... And then we would all probably realise that... Well... Maybe it would have been better to leave things from the past in their own place. And not ternish the nice moments we had...

    That's just my opinion though...

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  • Or... If made "permanent"... Actually tackle with the issues and Game Design flaws we had with a dedicated team, and rethink several annoying features that had been "corrected" with the later updates or worsened in some cases. (As suggested by liedy)

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  • i don't need the game go to back 5 years in order to have fun, if i want to play tera, i can have fun in the current one as well

    there's no point in having a classic server permanently stuck at one patch. and there's no saying otherwise - it just makes NO sense to be BEGGING for a server like that

    I do not understand what you're saying.

  • Imagine WoW being able to have Vanilla Server permanent, but thinking Tera can't have a permanent classic server itself. Guys, I have been playing this game for... 6 years maybe? I was usually 10-12 hours a day connected to Tera. Now I hardly ever join once per month and I will tell you why.

    I love the alliance system. The dailies were PvP focused and i liked to have some PvP while doing stuff on the alliance (keys, drakes, etc). I was a bit meh when alliance stopped. I was a bit confused when i went from vm3 to vm6 in such a short period of time that it was not even possible to full equip if you had no infinite time or cash. I ended just staying at Velika or VO seeing people PvPing. Now i cant even see that because Killian is dead and I am too lazy to apex my freaking main by killing a drake for 1h and a half cuz healers have 0 dmg. I dont like apex. I dont like the new system ability points or whatever it is called. I hate the new enchanting system that forces me to pve forever to have a better chance of success. In my time, you have to go to lumbertown, cross the bridge and enchant there cuz there was a roumour that says you have better luck in that point (I think it was in channel 3? Dont remember.) What I am trying to say is, if you dont want a permanent classic server, stick on your current one. I have no fun by fishing in one mmo after having fishing forever in other MMOs... That is no good content for me. I think they can have a nice dungeon rotating system just with old school patches and they can even include new challenges. Point is that people that claim for a classic server know what that means: get stuck on a patch forever, maybe. And we dont care. We liked it. And if GF was a bit smart it will make the server permanent, since at least I spent more money on Tera when vm-vm2 patches were up.

  • This Classic Server to me looks more and more like is nothing but bait. Not so long ago people was complaining about weak population and they wanted merge of all servers in one and another half also wanted classic server and moment later here we go classic server appear but temporary. What i think Bluehole's plan is to make everything at once. They probably want attract players through making classic server then merge it with live just to improve population state on live servers and then decide if it's worth to merge all servers on live. But what i also think is that this classic server was made to turn over our attention from current state of tera.

  • You got a VM3 classic server... but even a limited time real classic server (VM1, max. VM2) would be bad.

    It would not save PvP, it would split the playerbase that we have. And it's not huge.

    PvP can be saved normally by just using brain but BHS instead ruined PvP with the 3 last bigger updates.

    It is time to close TERA in all regions. 6-7 years were long enough.

  • Om3Ga the interest is really high about classic server but its temporary.650 likes goes to fb announce.The rest of their shares got maximum 20 likes.

    After they see "temporary" they just saying "not to worth for play for 1.5 month" and they are right.So currently the player numbers are not enough and tera has still more than 2 servers.They have to make it 3.

    1st - latest tera pvp server.

    2nd - Latest tera pve server.

    3rd - Classic pvp server.

    Everything could be fine for everyone.

    Current state of tera is ruined by huge PVE updates thats why i quit after huge protests on forums.

    This is a chance to bring back ex players back.But they are keep ruining everything as they did many times long time ago.

    Btw,i think it will (maybe really low amount of players) split just pvp server.I really dont care about pve server tbh.Cause they absolutely loose nothing if they loose players in their server cause most of the pvers are doing dungeons with their static groups also people who fall in love with pve doesnt give a fek about classic server.

  • Ah and CCB where cashshop only too. Have fun spening 800 - 1000g for Anarchic Crux and 1000g was almost 50% of daily gold gain with TERA Club goold boost.

    Simple Solution: Don't die and play more carefully?

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  • This forum is great cancer really.

    "wehh wehh running Mc hm forever so boring"

    Yea what then don't do it. Nobody force anyone to play Ther.

    If you have friends to play the current tera then do it. This is great for you guys.

    You get every 2month a new patch with new dungeons this is great and for sure I can image that this is exactly what you guys want and this i can understand. I can image that some ppl get bored of running Mc hm for the 500th times.

    But why you ppl want to make other the game bad?

    Ther are alot of ppl who would love to have a classic server. They don't want to have every few month new dungeons or so. They want to lvl their chars maybe some alts gear them up for pvp and enjoy them their times in gvgs, 3vs3, duells or fw.

    And for this ppl this time back then was just better.

    Nu cancer classes like brawler, gunner, Valk, reaper, no stupid knock ups, no stupid one hit ultis, no stupid atk speed of 500% or so.

    Back then you was happy when you got a nice crit on someone in pvp nowdays ppl are out of an idea what to do if they used their op skills and the enym is still alive.

    So what you guys want with "split the community"?

    If the server has now 5000 or 1000players is for most of the current tera players no different anyway since you have your 5ppl static with who you run all day long dungeons. And for the ppl who enjoy atm pvp it's only a win situation since back then pvp was simply more challenging and if you get bored of the old pvp because you don't get used to it then jusz play with your main on 65

    If you log in to play pvp then it dosnt matter if you get now every 3month a new dungeon.

    So just let it be.

    Let the ppl ask for a perma classic server and good is you guys lose nothing so what should all this cancer you text here down?

  • tooru also im streamer.Started this year and doing okish right now.More stream about pvp means more players for servers.People will see,people will try etc.Its a nice advertisement for tera europe.

    I just dont want to stream endless hurdurr pve dungeons.Its booring AF.Thats why i quit the game and i saw an info about classic.Hyped and checked it out on forums.When i read "temporary" its basically "facepalm" for me.I will not play for sure.Just staying here to see what gameforge gonna do.How the heck is company ignores their customers and listening 5 man static pve lovers here i dont really get it.

    Anyway thanks for your opinions.I like to see people are supporting permanent server.

  • Athena   Atmorph Can u please read what people says here and facebook page ? In fb page there are 404 comments and people are complaining about the temporary thing..They are old players who really wants to return if u check their comments.And can u guys please type something here ? Any chance to make it permanent ? We need clear answers.

  • Facebook people are a joke. They are casual newbies that don't even play the game anymore and that have barely reached level 60 back then.

    This forum has at least people semi-understanding the game.

    Limited time is a good thing.