Make classic server permanent >:(

  • What i see here is a bunch of people dying in the nostalgia of "old tera", crying for pvp not being supported while the patch just released is pretty much full pvp...
    Let's be honest, this patch is good, bgs are popping for the first time properly in 5 years and it would be almost perfect if they would nerf slayer, zerk and reaper dmg just a bit...

    U crying about pvers being feeded since 2014 but when Bluehole gets a pvp staff working on pvp u don't even try it, convinced in ur ignorance that a classic server based on vm3 and patch 27, which is a terrible patch, it will be better...

    A videogame is not made to stay immutable... It has to change to give new experiences to the players... I played this game for so many years, i really can't understand ur desire about playing an old tera that it wasn't better than the one we have now in terms of balancing... The only difference was the amount of players and i'm sorry but we can't change that... Tera is old, stick it in ur minds.

    Not mentioning u gonna kill Bgs in Mystel/Killian/Seren/Yurian pool with this server since the community will split and Bgs are not gonna work properly cuz not enough ppl anymore... And all of this for a temporary event! What an amazing timing. Kappa

  • Yea i can image that the last patch is good for bgs. But what ppl like you don't get in the head. Is that the ppl who text here and wish for a class Server don't care about the pvp. If it's now balanced or had pvp gear and working bgs this is nothing what they care about.

    They simply don't want to play pvp with this stupid new skills and classes.

    They don't want to have stuff like knock ups in the game, and talent system

    Is this really so hard to understand?

    Yea maybe the current bgs will suffer under it or maybe not?

    If the current pvp would be so good and amazing then the current ppl would have nu reasons to switch to the old server and pvp Ther.

    But why you guys want to not allow other to enjoy this what they like?

    Are online Player really so ret.... And egoistic?

    And the server can stay on one working patch for a really long time. Since pvp players are not like all this PvEler nowadays which want every 2 month new dungeons to run them 600times.

    Let the server stay on a good working pvp watch with 3vs3 , gvgs, fw and good and working ranking lists and all pvper will be happy.

  • Bla bla bla.

    Since 2014 these pvers as u see last post,saying "pvp people crying" etc.They have no arguement.Just saying "crying nlablabla".

    So balanced pvp currently right? basically i have to reach 70 lvl etchings endless materials,tons of contusing shits,Crystals,unbalanced classes (i dont know the update class thingy but it awakening or talent) +15 weapons bullshit battlegrounds,waiting 45 min for 1 match,lfgs are full of pve shit,have to wait for jackpot times,no open world pvp (also of its happen most of pve pokemona will 1 shot you with their pve weapons lol),endless crits,overpowered classes like gunner and people says valykrie.

    Yeah so balanced game for pvp.

    As i said they will not loose anything,if the player x goes to classic server let it go.You are not doing pve with him why you caring ? do you want to show your shiny gear to them and be happy ? Thats why u dont want permanent server ?

    Each patch didnt give fun to us thats why we quit at 2014-2015.Each patches gave fun to pvers.Classic server os the only reason why most of us (i mesn the people who left in 2014) wants to return.And again,pvers are on the other side with their shiny +15 gear and staying in front of the endless grinding dungeons.

    Keep going guys,the game will be worst than before because of your pve slavery.

    Also stupit guy can understand why this game is complete pve game if he/she watchs the twitch streamers.Yeyyuu we finished xdhm lets do it again.Yeyyy we finished again.Yeyyyu again,yeyyy the dungeon is easy,yeyyyy finished.Lets buy reset scroll and yeyyyy we finished again.

    What a perfect gameplay.

    Tl Dr: We are not crying,we are giving advises and deciding to play or not.

  • So... to conclude ? There's no need to debate about that 1 month old Tera server ! ;)

    It's a bonus server people don't have to play it, and if there are problems we -old players- know them already. It's not like we're not aware about them.
    No surprise, it's kinda painful to see complaints about a temporary server you don't even have to play in the first place ^^

    And GF will probably make that kind of event again later (I'd really appreciate , personally!)

    Let's see if people enjoy that Classic server don't you think ?

  • I am sorry, but game went full casual (so players without brain can actually be good).

    It was spam fest in past years. Literally... you dont need brain. Even more now... I assume, didnt play for almost a year, but now you can go for front crits, eat debuff... you wont be punished since everything is cleanseable. But even a year ago, player who spammed most won in 3v3 soloq.

    Back at level 60 you actually needed a tiny bit of brain to be good. I assume it will be hard transition to old playstyle.... ppl wasting iframes like they have iframes to spare. Spamming skills without realizing they dont have infinite mana pool, missing skills (zerks) while realizing that zerks actaually had to aim a bit back then.

    Or sorc actually being glass class at level 60 with big damage... high risk high reward. Unlike level 65 sorc which was low risk class with their tanky build.

    While PvE was much easier at level 60, PvP was harder, since you got punished for every mistake ... Unlike now, just press two buttons (no cooldown) and you will fully recover after a deadly combo where no crits happened. At least back then pressure meant something.

    PS: Its not all shiny tho. Vm3 patch was without damage so obviously what I wrote above wont apply. But proper warrior can still apply enough pressure with staggers that will eventually lead to kill after few mins. PvP was better during vm1, becase dds didnt need to rely on a healer to carry (and iframe/skill spam fest started with reaper).

  • PvP players quit game for a reason.

    If you were good back then... you were actually good. Now anyone can be good with population 1k or less (and when I say now... I meant vm5-current patch).

    SPAMFEST... thats what tera pvp became. Call it faster (good for PvE, less for PvP)... but faster isnt same as better or harder.

  • Alright this is the clear example u don't know what u even talking about... Since everything u said here is WRONG.

    - Lvl cap is 65 not 70
    - New Pvp gear doesn't have crystals except green ones (ez to get on TB)
    - U already gonna have a completely UNBALANCED class called reaper since it's patch 27 with whipsaw not nerfed.
    - Bgs popping constantly even outside events, no 45 mins que
    - Crit dmg is nerfed AF inside BGs so there not 1 shots if not cuz of gear, which is easy AF to get to +6 and make u able to do evetyhing u want.
    - Gunner and Valkyrie got nerfed much time ago.

    Oh, and i'm not PVe, last time i did a dungeon was DS2...
    At the end of the day u're a crybaby who wants to play the Tera U like but u don't even know what u talking about and ur arguments are completely wrong since like u said u don't play tera anymore.

    Oh and yeah, u talked about so many ppl coming back to Tera to make it great again but what i see on Facebook on Blacklight's page is u talking about this server and receiving barely 7 likes and few comments (only 1 said he will prolly play it.)

    Much waow.

  • -it will be 70 if i didnt read wrong
    -Still its crystals.
    -Learn what "UNBALANCED" means.
    -Lol i tried 2 weeks ago for fwc.If u are talking about crap shit jackpot events "why i have to wait for jackpots" explain it.
    -Watching streams,its crit fest shit.
    -Nerfed?What it means?Still the latest classes are op AF.

    ***We all seeing everything

    There is over than 700 likes on official facebook page and rest was only 10-15 without any comments.Read it.

    Also show me any pvp stream.its prime time for eu.

    Lol SO MUCH PVP.

    * Post edited and user warned. ~Zancara

  • And you ***.Do not explain me.We all seeing everything.Pve carebear shut it and go back to your zombie dungeons.
    There is over than 700 likes on official facebook page and rest was only 10-15 without any comments.Read it.

    This attitude doesn't really suit you well, mate. :(

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  • Lol couldnt find any stream right? Still im saying just show me some pvp streams.Answered you about what u type here and you are acting like a cool guy who thinks he is absolutely true.ROFL.Also i remember u.%99 pver and %1 pvp.And u calling yourself pvper :) Omegalul pvper Rokujou who is spamming daily endless pve dungeons.Claps goes to you.

  • Because there is no streams, must mean there is no pvp then. Why would anyone stream this game to begin with, or watch it. I dont know why you call them lying when you literally talking out of your ass. Still thinking you need full +15 gear for pvp? Must been a while since you played.

  • Minji Yes there must be at lkeast 1 stream for pvp in 20 streams.Pvp basically died no one cares anymore.Also i know equalized battlegrounds.And dunnow if there is still freaking kumas and tank battle shit.Yes they are shit cause there is no real pvp and pvers love them cause they dont need ability to play.

    For open world pvp,yeah you need +15 or really fit gear.Still open world pvp is gear based right?I'm not sure are there still people doing open world pvp too after they destroyed and ruined everything?At least i have an ass to think about something.Better than being brainless like u.

  • Dude u answering to someone saying i'm 99% pver and 1% pvper when entire community knows i don't pve at all.

    Not much else to say... Oh wait maybe there's something i can add...

    Average sorc from Blacklight (Fraya)who never played on Killian right there btw.

  • my problem with this classic server is the following:

    we create a new char on the classic server.(which is not that classic, many told it already) after the server ends we can transfer it, convert gear, etc. they mentioned a high sc from vm3(!) which is not that motivating atm. maybe ppl can get a helm, a smolder, maybe a title, but that is all. i expect less than 10 players who will main this classic char and continue to play with it every day,actively, and gear it up. especially in the current "play with 1 main only and grind/p2w" system. whats the point getting this, the few cosmetics, and leave the char for ghillie/sun event, maybe guardian. why not just do a 'normal' sc league of levelers, with few days period to complete, u dont split the playerbase for 8 weeks, etc. that is just my opinion tho

  • Like Conflate was, right? "So easy" and look, so useless now. That's right, WAS. That IS the problem. The keyword for this entire thread is PERMANENT. Not "permanent" until next patch.

    Not to mention you got other shit now unlike in classic, like talents and a lot other power creep crap. Ruins even equalized PvP. Real PvPers are sick of farming every god damn patch.

    Immutable PvP games top the charts for a reason, but keep deluding yourself thinking this game is a "PvP" game currently. A ZvZ maybe, zombie vs zombie.

  • Said by average priest in killian.Also i played in killian for 3 months.

    All of your comments just represent why ppl mostly dont care about pvp players. Most of them are toxic af, only can whining, etc. (I know there is some exception but very rare)

    Thanks god the classic server will pve so we dont need suffer from a bunch of ppl like you who may would come back.

  • And blaming pvpers for whining since you toxic pvers doesnt give any support for pvpers.The toxic means represents your pve community.I dont remember the pvers supporting pvpers for once.They always typing same shit over and over when we offering something good for pvp.

    Lol and blaming us right ?