Preview: Golden Age – The Classic Server

  • We have reason to celebrate: TERA became free-to-play 6 years ago yesterday! All players across Europe have been able to enjoy TERA for free since 5th February 2013. For this anniversary, we’re launching an event that’s in a class of its own: the Classic Server!

    The server is opening its doors on Tuesday, 12th February, presenting epic challenges from TERA’s past – patch 27 awaits you.

    You’ll find more info here:

    Event Overview: A Taste of What’s Waiting for You

    Peril from the Past – Instances

    On the Classic Server, you’ll have the one-time opportunity to rediscover true dungeon treasures:
    Long-closed instances such as the ranking dungeon the Crucible of Flame, the Temple of Temerity, and the Sirjuka Gallery are waiting to be stormed.
    Challenging endgame dungeons such as Wonderholme, Rift’s Edge, Balder’s Temple (Hard), and the Fane of Kaprima (Hard) are also packed full of treasures and malicious monsters – and, of course, we couldn’t forget Manaya's Core!

    Gigantic Battles – Nexus and Alliance Battles

    Experience epic action with hundreds of players!

    You can fight off your opponents each day with up to 120 players per invasion point in the revived Nexus events. Then enter the Nexus Traverse in 20-player raids to put a stop to the Traverse Sovereign.

    And just as in days gone by, mighty alliances will fight for mysterious noctenium. Join the Enlightened Union, Iron Order or Free Traders Collective with your guild, and help your alliance fight for extractors and noctenium infusions in the contested areas!

    Locking Horns the Old Way – Real Battleground Classics

    Alongside Alliance Battles, you’ll be able prove yourself on the traditional battlegrounds of yesteryear – with all the associated special features such as Bellicarium and Killing Spree Credits, of course!
    Reputation Is Everything – Reputation System and Factions
    In addition to battleground reputation points, you’ll also be able to earn a good reputation among the 7 factions in the open world. Make a name for yourself with daily quests, acquire prestige, and exchange the reputation points you earn for valuable items.

    Event Outline and Duration

    Here you’ll find just the key event information. More details can be found in our extensive FAQ.

    Download and Registration

    If you already have a TERA account, simply use it to log in and play along on the Classic Server from 12th February. If you still don’t have an account, you can create one now – preferably via our summary page.

    The TERA Classic download can be started today, so you’ll all be able set off on your adventure together on 12th February!

    Transfer After the Event
    The Classic Server will remain open for several weeks. Toward the end of March, patch 80 will be released on the regular servers, and the Classic Server will close its doors shortly after. All players who have reached level 60 will have the opportunity to transfer their characters to a regular server.
    Patch 80 will increase the maximum character level from 65 (or 60 on the Classic Server) to level 70 – so, following your adventures in the past, you’ll be able to battle your way through the challenges of the future with the powerful gear you’ll receive from the transfer!

    The Classic Server will only be open until the end of March. Therefore, we’ve made several adjustments to the game so that you can reach level 60 faster and obtain powerful equipment. You’ll find all the info on this in the separate patch notes for the Classic Server.

    We hope you continue to have fun playing TERA, and see you on the Classic Server!

    The TERA Team

    Former Product Community Manager