Suggestions regarding PVP for the classic server

  • Hi

    I would personally like to see these changes for PvP for the classic server:

    • Disabling "Resurrection" skills for both mystic and priest in 3v3 Skyring ONLY (because it doesn't matter for the other bgs I would say). It was always an issue, it's the easiest solution (I could go into deeper details but let's just keep it like this, if someone wants to continue 2v3, 2v2, 1v2 go ahead, but at least there'll be no stupid res). On that note also disable "Thrall of Wrath" for mystic in 3v3 Skyring as well.
    • Disable reaper passive for any type of PVP/battleground. Cancer passive, I don't think I need to explain it further.
    • I'm not a 100% sure about this, but if I heard correctly, archer's close-range stun trap's aoe was huge and also uncleansable. At the very least, make it cleansable please.

    I have a couple of concerns still, but I also don't want it to be changed so much, and also it's up to the rest of the community as well, so pls throw in your feedbacks if you have any.

  • Archer trap is fine, 10m range, as healer you shouldnt be near that. On top of that is visible and person with half a brain will avoid it.

    Rest I agree.

    EDIT: 15m range trap with 10m aoe used to be uncleanseable.

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  • Hello guys

    Im really happy today to write this thread.

    Thank you guys for making this happen @Atmorph @Baldrov

    As the subject this thread is for pvp suggestions ( rewards in bgs and what need to be removed etc )

    In my case i didnt play the vm3 patch in fact i started tera in the end of that patch, so please write ur suggestions here.

    What would u like to see?

    For ppl who wonder how to make vm3 pvp u can check this video i found it in youtube

    1st suggestion for me

    I would like to see the server PVP server with pk since the old patchs was mainly focused on pvp.

  • VM3 patch was the first or even second step into the declinal of this game. They removed nexus your main and most accessible source of master enigmatic scrolls to masterwork your gear to everyone. The only reason most people didn't have problems during VM3 was due to a stack of resources from previous patch (VM1-VM2).

    Vm2 patch(BEFORE REAPER and no avatar weapons) only had one issue, the new gears introduction of Nightforge, Strikeforce, Steadfast, Wonderholme gear sets, they bringed a content skip mentality to go straight to these new tier 14 gears and start the power creep in this game. Everything else was fine and had progression lines, both in PvP and PvE.

    You could do CS from lvl30 reach lvl60 and get lvl60 pvp Fraywind Set that later could be upgraded into Conjunct if i remember right(can't remember if was direct upgrade or a merge of agnitor+fraywind). To get visionmaker you had to simply do both PvE and PvP in game and many quests in the open world across all factions for materials which made the areas alive. In a PvP server with open PK, all these circumstances and features make for a good game concept.

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  • VM3 patch is not classic. Only pre VM era can be called classic, where:

    - we have no reaper class
    - CC is based on stats, not guaranted on skills so opoponents does not die by guarantened combos.
    - true OWPVP
    - PvP items have PVP damage reduced by hard % reduction (10% per armor piece + crystals)
    - top PvP items are obtainable from 58 lvl dungeons, latter from BG (not VM)
    - there is way to farm alot of gold in open world so OWPvP is alive for spots

  • Well, I hoped for vm1 or vm2 patch even pre vm1 patch, since for top gear you had to do everything the game had to offer. But since it is vm3 patch and reapers are included... well I hardly call that server classic. I guess we never can have good things :elin11: But, hey :V It's still 10 times better than current game right?
    p.s it sucks that is going to be pve server, when main reason why people wanted classic server was pvp. :elin7: will never understand why people are so against PVP in openworld. as it was what switched me from being pve player to pvp one. I still remember how I got pked in lumbertown when I visited pvp server for the first time xD But I discovered fun parts, watching other people dueling, group fights, campfire afking or just talking and soon afterwards become friends with those people.

    those were good times.

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  • Hey everyone,

    I merged both PvP suggestion threads into one.


    "The black dress was fringed by countless laces and frills. These outlines of her were enfolded by metallic protectors on the back of her hands and a rustic tasset. Her looks reminded one of the ceremonial robes of medieval knights—an odd mixture that could be called neither dress nor armour. And finally, where normally there might have been a ribbon, she was wearing an old, metallic chest."

  • Archer trap is fine, 10m range, as healer you shouldnt be near that. On top of that is visible and person with half a brain will avoid it.

    Rest I agree.

    ? He said close trap. That's 3-4 sec uncleansable stun ye totally fine... Even if it's the long one is around 1-2 sec stun still disgusting.

    vm2 was prob the best patch in ts early stage, although I would like to see the vm1 since I didn't play at the time or the before with capturing cities.

  • So...
    Can we get a majority vote on disabling res and thrall in 3v3 and disabling reaper passive as a whole in pvp?

    Maybe make 3v3 premade equalized as well since some people seem to be asking for it (not on the forum though, except Lupul)

  • thrall of wrath wasn't a problem yet as far as i remember, it became a problem when lvl 65 patch came out due to skills upgrade

    + for disableing ress tho, should be possible since at some point thrall of wrath was disabled from cs and kumasylum. disableing reaper passive would be nice too if is possible (it was still active for pvp for a really long period afaik, til vm6 i think? idk if they can do it)

  • Atmorph Can we know if any of these request will be inplemented in the server? (res disabled in 3v3, thrall of wrath disabled in 3v3, reaper passive disabled in all BGS and other PVP)