Classic PvP Server for Tera? (Support Please) and (Gameforge Feedback Please?)

  • I don't know why you think pve people like me would be interested in this temporary event be it VM3 patch or VM1 doesn't change anything. I enjoyed MCHM when it was it's time, don't really want my awakened warrior to regress that much in gameplay and go back to shared edge. Maybe ppl that didn't have the chance to try manaya because they started Tera after it was removed will enjoy, hope they'll have fun there.

    I guess I'm going to afk fishing until patch 80, as we don't have already enough players to run dungeons in our dying servers, don't think it will be better if you split the small community of Tera EU between 2 different clients, meh.

    thats why game is dying OMEGALUL, almost 90% of PvP players quit the game since vm2 and vm3 era

    • You want to experience the Alliance System? We got it.
    • You want to experience the Battlegrounds from back then? We got them.
    • You want to experience the Nexus Invasion? We got it.
    • You want to play the Wonderholme Raid? We got it.
    • You want to challenge Kaprima of old? We got it.


    Yes! But with true classic balance! Without Reaper and where CC was based on stats,!

    I does not care about lagfest invasion!



    All I want is true classic PvP experience! PK and clan wars!

    With this setup of server, I'm not going to even touch it. There is no reason for it.

  • No pvp on classic server? No reason to play it.

    And please gameforge. Never say any time again you listen to the community and their feedback. All what the community wanted since this damn classic server was announced, was outlaw and vm1. There were many threads for this issue and hundreds of post and what did you do? The opposite. You failed. Again, and again.

  • The problem in here;Most of the pvp players are interested in classic server as u see all over on forums,and they made it pve-vm3-temporary.

    Thats how they lost their pvp players who makes the servers alive.

    Clearing same dungeons everyday doesnt make a sense and not competetive.If there is no competetive things there is nearly nothing.

    Pve = Same mechanics,same 5-10-20 players,same drops.

    Pvp;Challenge,learn,new builds,competetive.

    Just deal with it.Nobody forces pve players to play pvp here but pvers always forcing pvp players to do pve.Just epic LOL.

  • I totally agree and the game direction is going that way..

    Ive been always saying do a statistic and see when old pvp contents was there how much profit the company used to get and now?

    And how many ppl they lost only by adding things that they think its good and the players dont even like it.

  • I don't see the point to play in another pve server with 5 years old content already screwed back at that time.

    Is only worth it if the classic is just VM1 like japanese iteration and with a open world pvp. More pve grind and for a limited period of time make no sense at all.

    Tera 2012 p2p founder player.

    Retired user.

  • I don't see the point to play in another pve server with 5 years old content already screwed back at that time.

    Is only wort it if the classic is just VM1 like japanese iteration and with a open world pvp. More pve grind make no sense at all.

    i agree

  • So, a lot of PvP players write here on forum that they want a PvP classic Server, while the most PvE players dont care about a classic Server. What does GF? GF wants to make a PvE classic Servers. I would like to understand the reason, why would Gameforge do this?

  • Dude gameforge never cares their players opinions.İ met with gameforge in 2013.After some tries i gave up to reach them.Everything we said just face with closed ears.Im trying my last chance here.We were saying "the servers will be not crowded if u guys keep going like this" looong time ago when they started to add rng shits,not caring pvp etc.Thats why most eu people moved NA servers for better support and gameplay.The problem was ping but people didnt care the ping.

    Then most of them started to play another games like me.

    Currently im playing alb...n online.Streaming everyday for turkish people.If they open permanent classic tera i will support it with streams for advertise it.

    But hell no,it seems

    they doesnt really care as always.


    Hi Atmorph

    Kïrino decided to write a book and pass over to me the task of posting it after debating some things in regards to older patches. Joking aside, we would like to offer some advice and suggestions regarding the upcoming event server.

    1. Materials and Loot

    -Spellbinds – You haven’t addressed this matter and previously the only way to viably gain this was through strongbox keys. We suggest you either also include this from dungeon drops or make it so that it is purchasable from the bellicarium/killing spree stores for a “fair” price(or battleground jackpot times for 3v3).

    -Master Enigmantic Scrolls – I believe you mentioned that the success rate for masterworking will be hugely increased therefore I don’t believe this requires any further changes.

    -Semi Enigmatic Scrolls – Same as spellbinds

    -Complete Crystal Bind – Very rare drop for no reason.

    -DESIGNS – Either make these accessible through the merchants for a fair price or hugely increase the drop rate. There is no point if there is no way to obtain a specific item because the design hasn’t dropped in the game (due to population). This would be a huge barrier.

    2. Credits and Reputation Points

    Going back to what we were stating earlier. This patch will only last for a few weeks therefore it will be unrealistic for the credits to be rewarded at the rate it was previously set as it would have been set for us to farm it for quite some time. I can’t speak much for PvE gear however PvP gear required Bellicarium, Killing Spree and Alliance (Noctenium Society) credits.

    · One suggestion would be to give everyone an increase in credits gained from all reputations. – It should be correlated to the actual time the patch last and the amount of time the event server will. Thus, credits should be 5x-6x times more.

    · Weekly reputation Cap- This would certainly hinder progress and make it impossible to farm all pvp gears of the patch within the time frame (bloodrave-conjunct-strikeforce-nightforge pvp-vm3 pvp (advantaged I think). Do not forget to implement these changes.

    3. Gathering Materials and PP

    Firstly I just want to say that I don’t remember much from this particular patch. However as I said before (I know I sound repetitive but I write for the people who don’t bother reading the contents of posts) we will be getting a fresh server which will not contain any materials already in the game. Not that I want gathering to be devalued as it can be a money maker for many people but there is the given fact that if people are gearing up quicker than usual (vm3 oils and idyllic leafs or something?) they will be requiring more materials which may or may not be in the game based on the population of the playerbase gathering.

    · I don’t have any suggestion on this point however the only thing I can think of is perhaps giving everyone a daily PP reset potion( 2 for Tera Club members maybe- you could add these in the in game tera shop to be free to buy if there is a coding/editing of game issue)

    · Maybe also increase the crit chance of crafting by x2 – 5 or something. I’m not too sure

    · Similar to before – Etching/Crafting Designs- Make ALL available through merchant/vendors

    · I would welcome proper suggestions from the rest of the community

    4. Costs of Items in Reputation Vendors

    I would also suggest the viability of the costs of the items being reduced in most/all of the reputation vendors by a certain percentage in case there are issues with having increased reputation points gain.

    Possibly have the reduced by 50% to make it viable to farm all of the items within the x weeks the patch will be here.

    5. Bloodrave Rating Requirement (I don't personally care but Kïrino does and maybe others so here are HIS suggestions)

    "If I remember correctly, Bloodrave had a 3v3 rating requirement of 2000 (wep) and 1600 (armour and gloves) which was reduced in the VM3 patch I have been told. The simple fact is that this will be IMPOSSIBLE. (Unless we have people quing 3v3 actively every day which has the same probability of Tera updating their game engine). Also I believe there should be a way for this gear to be obtained however I still believe it shouldn’t be given out easily as it was damn hard to gain back then and should be hard to gain this time.

    · Have a 3v3 skyring TEAM event at the end of the server (or each week) in which the winners + runners up will be granted Bloodrave gear. You said the server will be open for 2 weeks after to give people time to choose what they wish to transfer to live current patch game. (We can discuss more if you want some advice – which I highly suggest you take- for a 3v3 skyring teams tournament). This will incentivise people to get pvp gear.

    · In relation to the above points we could have a weekly stream hosted by either Gameforge or the community where teams register their team for 3v3 and each week the winners get bloodrave gear? Just one of many suggestions which more people would have input on

    · Maybe add it as a reward for the Top 1/3/5/10 players on the Skyring leaderboards at the end of the leaderboards reset- I believe you said it will last 3 weeks or so for each season? "

    6. Any Other Suggestions from Community

    · Dungeon Drop Rate for Gear and Materials to be increased as it may be hard when running in a PUG and rolling against others in Raid – but not increased too much (max x2) or maybe at certain hours of the game? ACCCESSIBLE HOURS FOR ALL

    · Maybe add tokens which you gain from both PvE and PVP to be able to buy materials(semi enigmatic scrolls,spellbind,crystalbind,designs,)

    · Adjust cool down waiting times in battlegrounds after a fast match.

    · Fix reaper whipsaw heal

  • My last post here just to add an obvious statement:

    a classic server, and moreover temporary, without VM1 and pvp enabled is not worth.

    PVE players don't care about another pve server just to play some old dungeons and admire a different Isle of Dawn, old people and pvp players who leave after VM2 and VM3 will not play either.

    In the end GF you make a compromise, a useless server that make both parties unhappy.

    Said that, good luck, hope En Masse don't follow your fault logic since they will probably open a classic server too (hopefully with the japanese ruleset, aka VM1 and pvp).

    Yes, the japanese publisher show clearly that they can do whatever they want with the rulesets, they just ask and Bluehole do it, because they listen to the players base and they know what people want when we speak about CLASSIC.

    Tera 2012 p2p founder player.

    Retired user.

  • Well all i would say to everyone.

    use the chance for the "classic server" play it enjoy some of the pvp without the re*** classes liek gunner, brawler (ofc reaper is inside but well of the new classes reapper is the one who still fits the best in the game)

    but yea enjoy the lvling somehow, some old dungeons some pvp just to show gameforge with player numbers that ther is a big intress in a "real classic server"

    and once the server get merged just quit the game. the same i will do and for sure 95% of the returning players.

    maybe then gameforge finaly sees that we want a real classic server which will not be closed in 6 weeks or so.

    and for all the t..... who cry around "ehhh a server on one patch is stupid"

    yea who says that the server need to stay forever on one patch.
    start the server with 58cap then after 2month or so release dream keeper 60 cap, after another 2 or 3 VM1 after another 4 VM2 and you can easy let the server online for 1 year till the s**ty time of tera starts and then you could just start from zero again or gameforge make changes by themself to brign stuff inside what keeps ppl playing and interested in pvp, like special pvp titals, special outfits for pvp ranks, and you also could just make changes on newer dungeons (65 time) and nerfe them so they fit for lvl 60 cap and gear.

    gameforge showed now that they can change the game so much that old dungeons stay inside also when they actuly got removed already and even make them harder so just do this and ther are enough dungeons to run for fun.

    and if you only care about PVE then play the current tera and you get always new stuff noone force you to play on the classic server.

    but i am actuly sure that alone with returning players the server will be alive already also without anyone of the current servers joining ther.

  • I understand comments saying "but my Classic is without content XY" - and that will be true for you. But at the same time, every one has their own definition of what a Classic TERA experience should be, which we hope with the current chosen version we can give to most of our players.

    Expect that everyone says the same thing about what REAL classic server should be not just me. VM1 or pre VM1 time.

    And one additional comment regarding the PvP / PK content - unfortunately, only having one server available for this action made us take the decision to release it as a PvE server. Looking back in time, we've always featured more PvE than PvP servers, which ultimately lead to this decision we're discussing here today. Choosing the 1 server to be a PvP server would be against our existing experience publishing TERA, and elicit a similar reaction from our PvE oriented players

    PVE is done WITHOUT going outside of safe zones. By making it PVE server you are limiting PVP oriented players, since PK/OpenWorld PVP content is meant for pvp oriented players. Why not satisfy both communities? In addition Killian, a PVP server, which used to be BEST server for pve oriented players, had a huge pve playerbase but did they complain about server being pvp? No and most them have never dueled even once. Your point?

    You want to experience the Battlegrounds from back then? We got them.

    With reapers? no, thanks.

    You want to play the Wonderholme Raid? We got it.

    Prefer KN20 and KN10.

    You want to experience the Alliance System? We got it.

    With the playerbase so small, commanders buffs and reapers? nah.

    As for "we can just skip VM1 content and get VM3" - we've taken some steps to make the VM2 and VM3 content slightly more difficult, to encourage the playing of VM1 content first, before moving over to the VM2 & 3 era

    Sounds Interesting, would love to see how that will work. If it is mandatory to get vm1 to play vm2 content and for vm3 content - vm2 gear and gear evolution goes like vm1->vm2-> vm3 then I am not complaining, but if it is possible to go straight to vm3 content then that's the deal breaker.